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Adirondack Chronicles 2014.4


HUMMER 1 (Medium)Hummingbirds are the most elusive little creatures!  They fly so fast it’s easy to miss them, and when they buzz among the leaves they blend easily into foliage.  But now that the milkweed flowers have burst open all over the place, the hummers are out in force!  I find these ruby-throated birds and their long beaks, very delicate wings and feathers to be fascinating.

HUMMER 4 (Medium)HUMMER 2 (Medium)Milkweed is abundant along roadsides, distinctive with its big pink balls of flowers.  You’ve probably driven past it for years without a second thought, but it’s an important food source for all kinds of insects — butterflies, dragonflies, beetles, bees, the works… just look at some of the milkweed feeders here:


Chipmunks are all over the place…

CHIPMUNK (Medium)… competing for the cuteness award with the red squirrels…

SQUIRREL (Medium)But what about me?  This young buck with antler buds wants “in” on this cute parade…

BUCK 2 (Medium)Frogs, however, just do not care to compete for “cute” awards of any kind!

FROG (Medium)Weather here has been cold, windy and stormy… heavenly!  But better days are coming and so I’ll be able to get out on some of the lakes soon (no paddling when I see whitecaps, a definite Adirondack rule!).

Next:  loons and other feathered things…


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