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Earth Day 2014


easter morningTuesday, April 22 is Earth Day.  In observance of this day and the ongoing imperative of stewardship of God’s Creation as part of social justice, enjoy these portraits of the creatures who share this small planet with us — taken at my favorite spots at the Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge in Maryland and the Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge in Delaware.

Above:  Osprey parent stands guard over nest at sunrise at Blackwater.

Below:  Portrait of a Great Blue Heron

gbh closeupBelow:  Eagle soars at Blackwater

eagle flightBelow:  Egrets huddle in the brush ready to pounce on minnows

egretBelow:  a young buck with antlers just starting to sprout

young buckBelow:  “Eagle eye” is true!  Eagles perch high on branches and never stop watching….

eagleBelow:  Osprey hover over water with talons extended ready to pounce on fish dinner

ospreyBelow:  This snapping turtle just wanted to cross the road to get away from some bikers who were threatening to pick it up… do not touch!

tortoise crossingBelow:  just watch your step!  That branch might be slithering…

snakeBelow:  blue-winged teal at Bombay Hook

duckBelow:  Great white egrets are at their most beautiful when flying

great white egret (Medium)Below:  Even the carp deserve a little respect on Earth Day!

fishfaceWell, ok, maybe not carp… Darwin was right!

lunchHappy Earth Day!

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