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Voices of Trinity: Snow Haiku: Poets of ENGL 150


Trinity is blessed with a very talented group of poets in Professor Eleanore Lambert’s English 150 Class!  With Professor Lambert’s careful guidance, these students took advantage of all the snowstorms this winter to create some beautiful haiku, and they have given me permission to share it with all readers of this blog.  Enjoy!

flake 1

Lightly falling

Cotton dreams so cold

Cover the street.

-Tarkeiya Peterson



Not all the glam

in the world could compare

to those diamonds that fall

from above.

-Antoinette Lee

flake 3


When I was younger, I hoped for you

Now you make my days difficult

Oh! How our minds change like the seasons

-Jasamine Harrington


Cold touch

Dark Skies

Kids outside playing in the field

Full of snow angels and snow men

-Margaret Hartzog

flake 4Looks fluffy like my pillow,

but so cold when it hits the grass and the ground.

-Ashley Parham-Phillips


Flakes spinning circles,

Turning against the moonlight.

-Bianca Eastman

flake 2

All day it’s snowing

A gentle, beautiful snow.

Where is the shovel?

-Gabrielle Barnett


You’re white, fluffy, and stick to the ground

Below freezing

Please don’t come again

-Lisa Johnson

flake 1


The snow has arrived!

Yayyyyyyy Me!!!!!!!

Running, acting as if I were five

-Alexis Garner


flake 2

Crunching footsteps

Snowballs launching

We are under attack

-Britney Byers


When will you be over!

No more childish longings and anxious arrivals.

Then there was spring.

-Taylor Wilson


Fluffy white

New beginning

Waiting on you spring

-Maya Alvarenga

flake 4

She falls from heaven covering the land

Like a blanket

Yet she is cold blooded

-Eliana Rondon


Snow Day

I’m a rat

trying to get far away

and out of this snow

-Evelyn Marquez

flake 3



At night the moon’s too bright

Huge flurries blowing fast, face gets tight

Sunrise in freezing air

-Kiana Briscoe




Snow is falling,

as it dances around me,

gently covering the pavement

beneath me.

-Angelina Evans


Snow day

Beautiful white flakes fall from the sky,

Footprints on a slushy pavement.

-Jamira Coleman


Branches waiting…

sparkling in the light—

waiting for rebirth

-Joanne Padilla

flakes fall

Snow makes everything white,

Pretty as lilies and the valleys

-Diamond Plater


Winter Confinement

Is a chilly enjoyment

Awaiting Spring Time

-Michelle Murphy

flake 5

White flakes falling on an opaque day,

Yet kids are ready to run away.

-Elizabeth Corpeño



Freezing hands, cars rolling past;

waiting for the next day to look

like wonderland.

-Jonneace Carroll


5:26 at night

ground all covered in white,

sitting by the fire with a blanket held tight.

-Rebecca Battistelli

flakes fall 2


Winter bliss has fallen;

Be gone

-Lizbeth Macias


Rock salt, windy snow—curved around their own shadow;

Mountain top jewels.

-Anesha Allen



Snow Day

Everything white and pearl—

The earth turned into a new world.

-Lelia Strong


flake 5

Snow covers the window,

But inside the love warms my heart;

Thank you Mother Nature.

-Danielle Scott

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