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Trinity is closed today because of the biggest snowstorm in years.  Please send your photos to and I will post them on this blog or on my Twitter feed @TrinityPrez

Here are some photos from our intrepid Facilities Team who are hard at work clearing the roads and walkways on campus — THANKS, guys!  What a great team!  YOU are amazing!


plow andres




IMG_20140213_081016_394Resident students made it to the dining hall for lunch:

students 2student 3 (Medium)student 1 (Medium)Our Security team has been at work all through the storm…

security team 2security team (Medium)Thanks to the Aramark Facilities Team, the campus is clear and looks great, but we’ve decided to stay closed on Friday, February 14 because travel conditions remain difficult and there’s more snow and freezing in the overnight forecast.

stairway to heaven (Medium)Even Our Lady gives thanks for our wonderful Facilities Crew!

walkway (Medium)IMG_20140213_152359_665 (Medium)


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