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Adirondack Chronicles 2013: Epilogue


A wet but wonderful summer in the Adirondacks is now a fond memory for me.  The short video above recalls some of my favorite moments.  I am grateful to colleagues who made it possible for me to spend these last few weeks in the beautiful northern forest surrounded by lovely views and interesting creatures…. I return to Trinity rested and eager to begin our new academic year in just a few short weeks!

Much has happened in these first few weeks of July, and in the days to come I will address some of the issues on this blog and my blog on the Huffington Post.  Today we are remembering the great journalist Helen Thomas, one of the true pioneers for women everywhere, an icon who I had the privilege of meeting when I worked as an intern with United Press International during my junior year at Trinity.  While I was away we also lost a great Trinity icon, Father Vincent Mathews, professors of Sociology who was one of our most memorable faculty members.  In upcoming blogs I will have more to say about Father Mathews, Helen Thomas, the impact of the Trayvon Martin verdict, the ongoing student loan mess in Congress, and so much more!

For now, I can still hear the call of the loons, at least in my memory….


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