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Adirondack Chronicles 2013.7


My mother always dreamed of seeing me in toe shoes…


Somehow, I don’t think that’s quite what she had in mind….!!  toe shoes

Adirondack living is very healthy.  While the wildlife is great, the humans also have their own form of “wild” life!

rockclimber 2_edited-1Some go rock climbing…. others like to parasail….


That parasail is an activity that goes on at one of the summer camps up here…. somehow, my days at summer camp were never like this:

camp fun


That’s a long way from making napkin holders with glue and popsicle sticks!

Some people like to water ski…

WATERSKIAnd the paddleboard crowd can’t figure out whether to sit or stand….


Fishing is always popular … whether casting from the boat or fly fishing in the river… I don’t think I’ve ever seen a woman fly fishing up here.  Hmmm.  I may need to break the fishy ceiling some day!  Bring me a rod and one of those feathery thingies (ok, I’ll have to learn the lingo first!)….

FISHINGfly fishing_edited-1

I seem to be one of the few boaters without a dog in front…

dog in boat_edited-1

And of course, for our Trinity ladies at Lake George, the best sport of all is getting together for lunch…


Many thanks to Ginger Ryan ’62 (center, in yellow top) for hosting our annual luncheon at her lovely home looking out over the high peaks!  And congratulations to our new Alumnae Association President Debbie Horigan ’77 (in the yellow print second from right)!

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