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Adirondack Chronicles 2013.6


gbh durant 1

The great blue heron is one of my favorite subjects to photograph.  With those endlessly fascinating yellow eyes and tendency to shape-shift posture constantly, the wading bird never fails to show some interesting traits.  I caught this one in some marshy areas along Lake Durant:

gbh durant

gbh durant 2

This one was standing silently along the banks of the Cedar River Flow… taking off in flight to the far side of the lake when she sensed something moving nearby….

cedar gbh sentry

cedar gbh wings

Loons love the quiet back waters of the Cedar River Flow….cedar loon 2

cedar loon

This view shows the beautiful big lake made from a dam along the Cedar River deep in the forest…. to get to this place you have to drive a 12 mile dirt road high up into the mountains near Indian Lake….

cedar loon landscape

As I watched the loon across the lake, some other form of wildlife crept into my lens…

cedar loon and paddleboard

I refocused to be sure this wasn’t a mirage…

cedar paddleboard

Just so you don’t think I have all this wilderness to myself!  Now as for the stand-up paddleboard… this is all the rage up here, but I confess I don’t quite get it.  Looks uncomfortable, but I suppose it’s a way to display strength, coordination, and, well, some nice abs… You won’t see me on a stand-up paddleboard any time soon!  And check out the little doggie on the kayak….   Everyone likes to paddle around….

cedar merganser 1

This common merganser and her chicks came around a bend in the lakeside, and when they sensed my presence (I keep a distance, my lens is long, but their senses are longer!…) they did that racing thing that is quite amazing to watch…

merganser race

Last I saw them they were heading to the far end of the lake…

merganser race wide

and the great blue heron was not far behind….

cedar gbh


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