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Adirondack Chronicles 2013.5


eagle soars

Eagles soared on a flawless late afternoon on Tupper Lake.  I first spotted the eagle, above, grabbing a fish and heading for a lunch table in a back cove…

eagle 1 eagle 2

Camera-shy, when the eagle sensed a long lens lurking, flight soon followed…. but not before a few fly-overs to make sure I got the point…

eagle 7

eagle 4

Yes, eagle, you are strong, beautiful…. and can fly, which I cannot!

Brown ducks and mergansers were out in force…

duck momcommon merganser

Kingfishers are notoriously nervous birds hanging out along the banks of lakes and rivers..

kingfisher ll

They fly away the minute someone draws near…

kingfisher ll 2

Hummingbirds greedily sucked the juice from milkweed flowers…

hummer 4

…while a trio of butterflies hovered nearby…


After so much rain and many gray days, it was a great delight to enjoy the sunshine!

tupper sun





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