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Adirondack Chronicles 2013.4



Frogs are having a field day up here in the north country.  With rain every day since I’ve arrived on July 1, it’s no wonder that the little green guys are hopping happy everywhere.  The frog above was comfortably lounging on a moss-covered log, while the little guy below was trying to act all stealthy amid the swamp algae:

frog 2

If anyone accuses you of being a grouse, consider the image you are projecting:

grouse 2Really!


The damp, humid air has spawned a delightful assortment of moths, butterflies, bees and other insects just so happy to be able to suck the juice from all the flowers….

orange beemoth 3moth 2

But in every party, of course, there’s always one guy who wants to know, “You lookin’ at me?”…


Quite a stare….er, steer!

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