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Trinity Washington University | Metro: July 21 – Sept. 3, 2018

Brookland Metro Station Closed: July 21 – Sept. 3, 2018

Metro closed the Brookland and Rhode Island Avenue Stations on the Red line, starting in July and through Monday, September 3, 2018. There is NO service on the Red Line between Fort Totten and NoMa-Gallaudet. Metro provides limited shuttle bus service between Fort Totten, Brookland, Rhode Island Avenue, and NoMa-Gallaudet stations. Metro riders are also encouraged to use the Green Line as alternate.

Don’t worry! You can still get to Trinity! We are taking several action steps to help alleviate the effects of the disruption on Trinity students, faculty, staff and visitors. Just be sure to add extra time to your trip. Thanks to all for your cooperation during this Metro project.

Trinity Shuttle Re-routed to Fort Totten

TRINITY SHUTTLE:  Trinity’s shuttle service is currently re-routed to the Fort Totten Metro Station during the Brookland station shut down, through Monday, September 3, 2018. The Trinity Shuttle runs every hour. Trinity is NOT running the shuttle to and from the Brookland Station during this Metro project. 

If you are coming on the Red Line from the north (Glenmont, Wheaton, Silver Spring) you will simply get off at Fort Totten. If you are coming from anywhere else in the system and want to get the Trinity shuttle, take the Green Line to Fort Totten. The Metro map below shows the Green Line route and transfer stations.

Map of Metro Closure Red Line 2018

Additional Options

METRO 80 BUS: The 80 Metrobus runs across the city and up and down North Capitol Street, across Michigan Avenue, making a stop at the Brookland bus terminal and then to and from the Fort Totten station. Trinity Metro riders are encouraged to consider using the 80 bus from Union Station to Trinity, or from Brookland to Trinity. Trinity’s campus shuttle will be re-routed to Fort Totten and will not be stopping at Brookland during the Metro disruption. So, if you are at Brookland you should take the 80 bus to campus. Metro will be adding buses to the 80 schedule. Copies of the 80 bus schedule are available at the Office of Public Safety, which is staffed 24/7. Metro maps are also available.

METRO TRIP PLANNER: Use the Metro Trip Planner to plan your route! Enter your starting point and where you want to go, and Metro will provide rail and bus options, the schedule and the fare. The trip results provided by Metro factor the Red line service disruption.

CAMPUS PARKING:  While campus parking is limited, Trinity will provide free temporary parking on campus during the Metro disruption.

OVERNIGHT ROOMS: Trinity has a limited number of rooms available for overnight stays at a cost of $25 per night for those who would prefer to stay on campus during this period. Contact Director of Campus Housing Shekeitha Jeffries for more information ( 202-884-9314)

BE FLEXIBLE: Everyone is urged to try to stick to their established schedules as much as possible, but realizing the special circumstances, we ask supervisors and faculty to be lenient in excusing lateness or absence due to the Metro problem. Staff should work with supervisors if you need changes to your schedules.

Metro Resources

Metro offers a number of online resources specific to this construction project in addition to resources for using Metrorail and Metrobus all year round. Here are a few key resources:

  • Brookland Station Construction Project: An overview of the project and limited shuttle bus service during the construction.
  • Metro Trip Planner: Enter your starting point and where you want to go, and Metro will provide rail and bus options, the schedule and the fare.The trip results provided by Metro factor the Red line service disruption.
  • Metro Fares: Everything you need to know about bus and rail fares, SmarTrip cards, money-saving passes and rail-to-bus transfer discounts.
  • MetroAlerts is the email and text messaging alert system designed to provide bus and rail customers with up-to-the-minute information about planned service changes and delays. Bus customers can receive alerts and advisories regarding route-specific delays, detours, schedule changes and construction activity. Learn more about this service online and sign up today at Metro Alerts.

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