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Welcome, Gold Class of 2019!


Gold is the color of the moment!  We are so pleased to welcome the Gold Class of 2019 to Trinity!

45 years ago — could it really have been so long ago? — I waved goodbye to my parents and started the long climb up the stairs to the 4th Floor of Main Hall to unpack my bags for the first night I had ever spent away from home.  I can remember every moment of that first day — meeting young women who became lifelong friends, hearing the great President Sr. Margaret Claydon welcome this new Green Class, and venturing to the dining all where the food was pretty basic (compared to the selections today!) but the adventure was just beginning.

So much change, and yet, so much remains the same as we welcome the Class of 2019 to Trinity.  As I watched the families arrive on Saturday to unload cars packed with possessions destined for Cuvilly Hall, I noticed some of the differences (big screen televisions? really??) but mostly reveled in the timeless nature of the transition to college life.  With great diversity of age and experience among new students across all programs at Trinity, we sometimes forget the significance of this transition moment in the lives of our youngest students in the College of Arts and Sciences.  Yet, in the goodbye hugs and caravan of now-nearly-empty cars winding back up to Michigan Avenue, we know a great life passage is already occurring, that a new life is emerging with more independence and yet new rules in a new community of women learning to live and learn together.  The moment is timeless despite the appearance of so much change across the years.

Orientations for new students started last week and continue this week at Trinity for our many different programs, and in the days ahead I will be learning more about our new students and sharing their stories and photos on this blog.  I invite new students in all of our programs, undergraduate and graduate, to share your stories with me and send along a photo, and I will publish as many as I can right here.  Send me a few paragraphs and photos on email to

And for returning students: please share with me some of your stories of summer adventures, advancements at work or other projects of note, and photos, and I will be delighted to share those on this blog as well.

Welcome to all new students, and welcome back to all!


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