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Trinity’s story exemplifies the tensions between tradition and change in higher education.  One of the nation’s historic Catholic women’s colleges, Trinity today sustains the core women’s college with enrollment at the highest level ever, along with four coeducational professional schools.  Numerous articles in news media, President McGuire’s writing and speeches, and Trinity’s own accreditation reports chronicle the many dimensions of change, transformation and growth at Trinity.  This web page is a compendium of links for these resources.

Women’s Colleges

Disrupting the Daisy Chain: What Modern Women’s Colleges Really Do
Blog in the Huffington Post, Patricia McGuire, March 10, 2015

1997 Commencement Address at Sweet Briar College:  A Big Heart, A Genuine Soul
May 25, 1997, Patricia McGuire

The Sweet Briar Story Could Have Been Trinity’s
DC Inno, Molly Greenberg, 3/9/2015

Women’s Education and Empowerment
March 2012 Remarks to the St. Mary’s County Commission on Women, Patricia McGuire

Imagining A World Unseen:  Women’s Colleges 2050
Presentation for the faculty at Wesleyan College, Georgia, Patricia McGuire, March 26, 2010

Then and Now:  A Mission to Educate Women
Patricia McGuire, National Catholic Reporter, November 12, 2009

2008 Data on Catholic Women’s Colleges
Presentation for the board at the College of New Rochelle, December 12, 2008, Patricia McGuire

2005 Commencement Address at Wells College
Immediately after the announcement of coeducation at Wells, Patricia McGuire, May 2005

Creativity, Innovation, Celebration:  The Future of Women’s Colleges
2004 Centennial Convocation of the College of New Rochelle, Patricia McGuire, March 23, 2004

Institutional Transformation

A Tale of Three Colleges: Trinity Washington University
America Magazine, Sr. Mary Ann Walsh interview with Patricia McGuire, October 21, 2014

Civic Virtue Starts at Home
Presentation at the University of Scranton for the Lilly Fellows Conference, Patricia McGuire, October 2013

Sustaining Soul While Shifting Paradigm:  Trinity’s Journey Through Institutional Transformation
Remarks to USA Funds MSI Symposium, February 2013, Patricia McGuire

The Trinity Sisters
Kevin Carey, The Washington Monthly, July/August 2011

Strategic Planning as the Roadmap to Renaissance
Winter 2003 issue of Current Issues in Catholic Higher Education (ACCU), Patricia McGuire

Women’s Issues

Entrepreneurs and Evangelists:  Women Leaders Remaking Higher Education
Remarks to the Women Administrators in Higher Education, September 21, 2012, Patricia McGuire

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