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Siege of Democracy

- Every voter must vote, and every vote must count if we have any hope of ending the current siege of democracy.
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History and Progress

- Making history is not enough if we don't make progress faster.
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Sing Praise for our Founders and Mother Earth!

- We celebrate the strength of our Foremothers and Mother Earth!
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We Have Winners! Backyard Birds Edition…

- Yes! We are "for the birds" and that's a good thing! Trinity celebrates our stewardship of nature and our wild friends.
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Voices of Trinity: Pandemic Advice Part 2

- Students in English 107 have great advice for all of us as we cope with the coronavirus pandemic.
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Resurrection: the Gift of Hope

- We must be like the women at the tomb, resilient and hopeful even in the face of great sorrow.
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Sights, Sounds, Shout-Outs!

- Our Trinity community comes together to celebrate our strength by wearing Purple and Gold and offering praise and thanks for each other!
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Q & A on Your Concerns: Online Stress, $$$, More…

- Our community survey indicated many different concerns with online stress, personal finances and health topping the list.
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We Are #TrinityStrong

- We might be apart physically but we are together in spirit and commitment to continuing to teach, learn and serve.
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Apocalypse Avoidance

- Coronavirus disruption is global. Mutual support and cooperation are essential to conquer this threat.
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