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In the Media

Voices of Trinity: Sexual Violence and the Kavanaugh Hearing

- Read Trinity faculty, staff and student opinions of the Senate hearing and Christine Blasey Ford's testimony.
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Constitution Day Continues: Thoughts on the Supreme Court

- Members of the Trinity community have a LOT to say about lifetime appointments to the Supreme Court!
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From September 11 to Crazytown

- The toxic aftermath of September 11 continues to poison American politics and society.
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“Be A Nuisance Where It Counts”

- Every day is Earth Day... be a nuisance to insist on environmental justice for the future of our planet. And come see "River Blue" on Thursday at 6:30 pm in Social Hall to learn more about environmental justice!
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Celebrating a Free Press

- The Pulitzer Prizes remind us of the absolute importance of freedom of the press to preserve our free society.
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Trinity in Solidarity with the March For Our Lives

- Trinity students, faculty, staff and friends gathered to teach and learn about gun violence, and express solidarity with all who are seeking solutions to this great American tragedy.
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#MeToo Is Higher Ed’s Challenge, Too

- The criminal abuse of women athletes by a Michigan State doctor is just the beginning of #MeToo for colleges and universities. Presidents must act more affirmatively to protect students and set the right tone on campus.
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Voices of Trinity: Shutdown Shakedown

- Trinity students, faculty and staff will bear the hurtful, harmful consequences of a government shutdown. We need to insist that our political leaders stop the games and DO THE JOBS THEY WERE ELECTED TO DO!
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Saying the Unspeakable

- Appalling. Contemptible. Repulsive. Despicable. Immoral. We must reject not only President Trump's vulgar words but the deep racism the words represent.
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Guys! Guys! Listen Up!

- Men must confront each other on sexual misconduct. And women in positions of power need to support their sisters who are more vulnerable. We all need to be aggressive in putting an end to this tawdry mess of sexual harassment, our nation has serious issues that need our attention!
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