Welcome to the “Spring” 2019 Semester!

- An unexpected snow day brings delights, and makes us really appreciate the great colleagues who work so hard to clear the roads and walkways, keep us safe and well fed. Thank you!
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Shameful Shutdown

- Holding federal workers hostage for political purposes is unjust and immoral.
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Speaker Nancy Pelosi: Knowing Her Power

- Trinity salutes our Trinity Sister, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, Class of 1962!
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Hope in the New Year

- Trinity looks forward to 2019 with great optimism and exciting plans for the future!
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Voices of Trinity: Winter Graduates Share Their Stories!

- Trinity's Winter Graduates have powerful stories that are a source of pride and inspiration for all of us!
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Christmas 2018

- Merry Christmas to all!
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Sr. Margaret Sends Christmas Greetings!

- Our amazing President Emerita Sr. Margaret Claydon, SND, sends this video greeting to all!
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Dreamers Deserve Justice Now

- We must not tire in our advocacy to achieve simple justice for Dreamers and others who seek help and hope in our nation.
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Class Act: President George H.W. Bush

- President George H.W. Bush embodied the traits of leadership, global vision and fundamental decency that we should expect in all elected leaders.
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Presidents, Power and the Rule of Law

- Judges and courts are the stewards of the rule of law, without which we truly will decline into bedlam and chaos. These public officials deserve support and respect not disparagement and intimidation.
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