Don’t Know Much About History

- We should teach the truth about American history so that we do not repeat the terrible mistakes of our past. Any compromise on racism repeats the original mistake of the Founders who could have --- but did not --- abolish slavery.
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Leadership Imperatives

- True leadership is a moral act to restore hope, ensure justice, achieve peace. Leaders cannot equivocate in the face of clear hatred, provocation and violence. We must be clear and firm: there is no place in American society for those who seek to foment racial hatred.
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Charlottesville: American Tragedy Redux

- Racism, white supremacy, sporting of Nazi symbols --- we must confront the hatred and insist that our national leaders speak and act unequivocally to renounce association with the evil forces that have long plagued American history.
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Harvard Joins the Club

- Harvard's first year class is a milestone in the university's nearly 400 year-old history. Trinity's been there for a while. More and more universities will be welcoming a majority of students of color in the years ahead.
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This is NOT us. NOT the U.S.

- Enough is enough. The last week should be a call to action for all Americans regardless of political party. We are in trouble as a nation and We, the People need to step up!
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Adirondack Chronicles 2017.8: Lessons of the Wild Things

- Patience, discernment, listening, caution, opportunity --- the wild things are great teachers! And, most important, they teach us about the vital importance of environmental stewardship.
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Adirondack Chronicles 2017.7: Call of the Loons

- Waking up to the call of the loons is one of the best parts of the Adirondack experience.
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Adirondack Chronicles 2017.6: Mellow Yellow

- Summer is a time to show off the yellows in the Adirondacks... lift your mood by enjoying these bright wild things!
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Adirondack Chronicles 2017.5: Flora and Fungi

- The Forest Preserve is full of beautiful living organisms, even the toadstools... The forest environment is complex and essential for Planet Earth!
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Adirondack Chronicles 2017.4: Getting Your Goose On

- Geese can be charming... in their natural habitat! And why do the turtles keep crossing the roads?
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