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March to Finals!


I know you’ve been waiting for it, and the Challenge is here!

In an effort to start people on the Trinity Campus to become more active, a Health and Wellness initiative was started to gauge interest by the student body.  The campus has a 40% obesity rate and many of the students feel that they do not have direction when it comes to fitness, nutrition, and wellness.  As a result, the gears of the collective mind of the staff have been feverishy turning to try and garner interest in health and wellness, including meetings, special events from dining services, and extra fitness classes.

Here is the next step: A Challenge!

Here is the link to the spreadsheet: TU March to Finals

Open to all members of the Trinity community, including staff, students, Trinity Center members, and faculty, the idea is simple: walk daily and record.  It’s that easy!  Invite whomever you want!

For 50 days, from March 28 – May 16th, we are asking all who are interested to “March to Finals”.

Simply register on the Google spreadsheet HERE, and under “groups” place whether you are student (and year, such as freshman, junior, grad…), staff, member or whatever.  Then place a goal.  There are 4 categorical goals:

“Platinum”: Walk every day!

“Gold”: Walk 45 days

“Silver”: Walk 40 days

“Bronze”: Walk 35 days

Me, walking around before the Philadelphia Women’s Triathlon
Your totals will be calculated on the spreadsheet and will be saved automatically.  You can access the spreadsheet at any time, from any computer.  You can compare yourself to other members and perhaps walk or jog with people your same speed or distance.  See what the athletes are doing compared to the staff and student body!

Please calculate your distance in either steps or miles…not both, else the totals will be incorrect!

Know that you can still find how many steps you take in a day with a pedometer, and as an added incentive we will be giving away 25 FREE PEDOMETERS to the first 25 registrants!  Simply put your name on the SPREADSHEET and pick up your pedometer at the front desk in the Trinity Center.  The staff will check your name on the sheet and if you are one of the first 25, well then you get one for free!  Also, the average walk stride is about 2.5 feet/step, so one mile of walking, 5280 feet, is approximately 2112 steps.

DON’T Check Fantasy Sports, you Downer!


DO Walk in Groups!

DO Carry Water and Have Fun (for scenic walks I always have a camera)!

For counting # of walks in a day, if you are walking around campus, to/from the Metro, or to/from your car, count walking around as “1” for the entire day.  If you go and walk a mile on the walking track or on the field, deliberately, count this as “1”.  Your total for the day would then be “2”, one for your exercise break and one for the steps you took regularly during the day.

Luckily for all you walkers, one of DC’s best events starts March 26th, the National Cherry Blossom Festival!  Go with a group, walk around, and take in one of the Nation’s best events.

So, if you have questions, feel free to email me or come by my office on campus, next to the aerobics room in the Trinity Center.  Also check out The Walking Site for some good tips on how to set goals and increase your walking distance gradually.

I hope we get a lot of participants, and we get some good endorphins going with all the activity!  Let’s March to Finals!

Racing, anyone?  Anyone??

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