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Workout Today 6/2


Who loves the heat??  If exercising outside, be sure you are out exercising no more than 30 minutes if you are not acclimated. Go inside to cool down if necessary.  Drink plenty of water.

Unfortunately we won’t make the 5 person limit today, so we will shoot for Monday 6/7.  I hope you all are working out cause the fitness gap will catch up with you faster than you think 🙂  Remember, the goal is to be in shape prior to season start, not at the season’s end.  Take steps now to prepare.

Please do the following workout today:

Warmup – 1x Aerobic + 1x Strength; Check your Soccer Summer workout sheet for these

Run 1 lap around the field, a quarter of a mile, then do the following:

Lap 1: 75 Squats; Lap 2: 40 Pushups; Lap 3: 40 FULL SITUPS; Lap 4: 50 Mountain Climbers; Lap 5: 25 Burpees

Rest between laps as needed.  “Cool down” with another 2 laps.

Remember, for Monday please email or text me by no later than 7am to ensure we have enough people.

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