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March to Finals Finally Finished!!!


I hope everyone appreciates assorted alliterations added about this account, because the March to Finals is Finally Finished!

I’m so proud of everyone who contributed to the inaugural Walking Challenge, the first of many.

First of all, I’m happy that 75 people signed up to the challenge!

Secondly, I’m happy that about 50% of the people who signed up actually entered into the log to chart their fitness!

Finally, I’m happy that about 30% of the people who started charted from start to finish!  Yay!

We had 30 Staff members, 33 Students, and 5 TC Members sign up.  I know this doesn’t add up to 75…some names were not categorized and others stepped out of participating.

Interestingly enough the staff were more likely to continue from wire to wire, with a 50% completion rate.  Of all the students who participated, only ONE continued to post from start to finish.  Of the students who began, almost all had stopped posting before tha halfway mark…around 20 days.

What happened between weeks 2-3 guys?  I have a theory.  Week 3 was right before Easter, and many students had projects and tests before the long weekend.  I’m sure people relaxed with their families, ate good food, and did their thing.  After Easter, schedules changed as students prepared for Finals, and they didn’t get back on track.

Why did all that motivation go out the window?  Where did it go?

Staff went right back into their work schedules, so after the weekend they went back to walking.  Way to go, guys!

In any case, I wanted to say that all in all we went a total of 2123.4 MILES!!!!!!!  That’s great!  In 2123.4 miles, we could have travelled from Trinity to Salt Lake City, UT (2085 miles), Juarez, Mexico (1967 miles), Butte, MT (2147 miles), or out and back to Miami, FL (2116 miles) or Halifax, Nova Scotia (2176 miles)!!!

That’s a lot of miles!

Again I hope that some people learned about themselves, and how through the course of a day they can fit bits and pieces of exercise into their busy lives and ultimately enhance their overall wellness.

If you have a good story to share, please email me at

Remember, just because the March to Finals is over doesn’t mean you stop, it just means you have to write on your own piece of paper : )

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