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Workout Today 5/26

May 26, 2011 - Not enough people were available to make our 5 person limit.  So, if you wish to work out on your own, please complete the following: Aerobic Warmup 3 sets of: 50 Mountain Climbers (knee in to chest), 50 Lunges (1 step = 1 lunge), 12 pushups 5 Minute recovery, then: 10 half-field sprints – endline to midfield with 30 second recovery 2:00 recovery 5 full-field sprints – endline to endline with 1 minute recovery Have a great day!  Do ballwork after sprints. Continue reading
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The Summer is ON – Health and Safety Tips

May 25, 2011 - When has summer break NOT been fun?  Well, considering I’ve had summer break every year since the age of 4…NEVER!  I have never been off the school schedule, the benefit of working AT a school, and I’m sure the reason why so many people become educators. In Southern California, where I grew up and lived the majority of my life, the summer heat was not so bad.  Being a dry, desert-like climate, even when the weather is 95 degrees, you can still manage because the humidity is under 10%.  There is a temperature difference under trees and next to buildings, … Continue reading
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Workout Thursday 5/26

May 25, 2011 - All Athletes who are able to meet at the Trinity Center at 9am tomorrow morning please email or text me by TOMORROW, 5/26, 7AM LATEST.  If I do not receive any word, or less than 5 people, I will not come to campus.  We will try again for Monday 5/30. Be sure to check your google spreadsheets for new information, and this blog for workouts completed at Trinity. Continue reading
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March to Finals Finally Finished!!!

May 18, 2011 - I hope everyone appreciates assorted alliterations added about this account, because the March to Finals is Finally Finished! I’m so proud of everyone who contributed to the inaugural Walking Challenge, the first of many. First of all, I’m happy that 75 people signed up to the challenge! Secondly, I’m happy that about 50% of the people who signed up actually entered into the log to chart their fitness! Finally, I’m happy that about 30% of the people who started charted from start to finish!  Yay! We had 30 Staff members, 33 Students, and 5 TC Members sign up.  I know … Continue reading
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Race Report – Big Sur International Marathon

May 16, 2011 -  Just south of the Santa Cruz Boardwalk  The Big Sur Marathon was so fun!  It was a huge bummer to find out several months ago that the course would change, and that we would not be able to run over the hallmarks of the course: over Hurricane Point and over Bixby Bridge.  However, doo-doo happens and I’ve driven that road many times so I was prepared to make the best of it! The weather for the week was about as amazing as weather gets on the CA coast: clear, low humidity, and a high of no more than 75 each … Continue reading
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