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More Workouts for all those interested!  In addition, I am previewing Trinity Universtity’s “March to Finals” walking log, which you can look at HERE.  I want people on the TU campus, or really anyone who wants to participate, to put how many times they run or walk a day on the log, as well as how long then went and how many minutes it took them, and we’ll see who can walk the furthest in 50 days!  You can choose to log either miles or steps; know that one mile is just over 2,000 steps, assuming the average step is about 2.5ft long.  You can find more about walking for fitness at The Walking Site.  Check it!  Details to come in the next blog about the Walking Challenge.

All workouts start with same warmup as previously posted.

2 sets of: 20 squats to knees at 90 degrees (sitting back into your heels), 20 lunges (alternating legs, knee touches the ground), 10 pushups, 10 full situps; 30 yard jog with buttkickers (literally run and snap your heel up to kick your butt), 30 yard skip, 30 yard straight leg march (hamstring stretch, you march and try to kick your foot up to an outstretched hand, also called a “Frankenstein” walk).

1) 5x though Agility Circuit: 2 quick steps in a ladder, then straight into 12″ hurdle hops.  For hurdle hops, hop to the side and turn 180 degrees mid-air.  For next hop, rotate 180 degrees in opposite direction, so you are hopping and rotating at the same time.  12 hurdles.

6×200 with 1:00 rest/walk width of field.  200 time should be goal 1 mile time.  For example, if goal mile time is 8:00, then 200 time should be 1:00 each.

Stretching and Abdominals, 4×50

2) Jump Warmup: 2×10 of Vertical Hops, 2×12 of Scissor Hops, 2×8 of Tuck Hops (knees to chest)

36″ hurdles – squat under without touching the ground, then hop over 12″ small hurdle, repeat for 5 hurdles 2x each direction

Step-up with Back Lunge: 10 reps each side.  With Dumbbells in hand, step up a step approximately 16″ and raise knee to chest, then backwards lunge with same leg that was raised.  May also be done without a step or with a higher step.

4x: Jump rope :30, into Wallball :30 with no rest in transition.  :30 rest between sets

3x: Jump rope :30, into Pushups for :30 with no rest in transition.  :30 rest between sets

Stretching and Abdominals, 4×50 crunches/abs with 4×10 pushups in between

3) Agility Shuttle: 5yds-10yds-5yds.  Start in middle and go 5 yards left or right, then 10 yards in opposite direction, then 5 yards back to starting point. :15 seconds rest between sets.  Perform each 3x.

   a) Run-Run-Run, b) Shuffle-Run-Shuffle, c) Run-Carioca-Run

4×20 of: Mountain climbers, Jacknife Abs, Frog Squats, Wide-grip pushups (about 6″ wider than normal).  All are done without rest between exercises.

Down/Uphill sprints: Find about a 30′ hill and start from halfway.  Run downhill and then sprint about 15yards and drop to the ground.  Push/Pop up and sprint all 30′ uphill.  Recover walk 15′ to starting point and repeat 4times.  Take a 2:00 break and repeat another 4x.

4×20 of: Mountain climbers, Jacknife Abs, Frog Squats, Wide-grip pushups (about 6″ wider than normal).  All are done without rest between exercises.

Stretching and abdominals, 4×50.

4) Take a weighted bar and use for 2×20 of: Front Squat with an Overhead Press, and Sumo Deadlift High-Pull.

Jump rope 2:00

Upper Extremity Burnout Series: Grab a pair of dumbbells you are comfortable bicep curling 10-12 times to fatigue.  Start with Shoulder Press, then Bicep Curl, then Standing Row, then Tricep Dip.  All sets are done to fatigue, till you cannot do anymore or until your form is poor.  Move straight to the next exercise without rest.  After all 4 exercises, take a 1:30 break and repeat for 3 sets.  Count repetitions and try to repeat efforts with each set!

Stretching and abdominals, 4×50, pushups 4×10.

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