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Trinity Traditions

Since Trinity’s founding in 1897, traditions and celebrations have grown to become an integral part of the Trinity experience.

Class Colors

The first graduating class at Trinity, the class of 1904, chose the class color “Red” to bequeath to the Class of 1908. Since then, the four class colors, Red, Blue, Green and Gold, have been handed down by the Senior class to the incoming Freshwoman class. The current class colors are:

Class of 2019: Gold
Class of 2020: Red
Class of 2021: Blue
Class of 2022: Green

Trinity students and alumnae proudly identify with their class colors. For many students who attend Trinity for several years, their class color is determined by the year they graduate.

Class Days

Each class sponsors a celebration on a specific day during the academic year. The class color is worn all day and a special dinner is often prepared. Class days are generally celebrated during the following months:

October: Gold
November: Blue
February: Red
March: Green

Cap and Gown Weekend

Cap and Gown Weekend is a very important and festive time for the Trinity community, and is a tradition that dates back to 1903 with Trinity’s first senior class – the red class of 1904. Cap and Gown Weekend formally marks the beginning of the new academic year, and celebrates the academic achievements of the senior class. The tradition also marks the first time that seniors may wear their academic caps and gowns, and when the first year class receives their class banner. The fall weekend includes Cap and Gown Convocation on Saturday, and Cap and Gown Mass on Sunday, followed by a brunch.

Junior Ring Day

Members of the junior class receive their class rings in a special ceremony where the rings are blessed; the ceremony is held in the fall in Social Hall. Students may order their Class rings for this occasion or they may use other rings they already own.

Sophomore Pin

As sophomores begin to declare their majors and move into a new phase of their academic career, Trinity celebrates by issuing each Sophomore a gold “TC” pin. The Sophomore Pin ceremony is held in January.

Freshman Medal

During Orientation, first year students are welcomed into the Trinity community in a special ceremony in the Trinity Center for Women and Girls in Sports, during which they receive the Trinity Medal and they sign the Honor Book.

Holiday Celebration

Just before final examination period, a holiday tree decorating event is held for the Trinity community. Seniors lead the tradition.

Founders’ Day

In honor of the courageous founders of Trinity, the entire Trinity community participates in Founders’ Day, a celebratory day in the spring.

A Trinity tradition that dates back to the first academic year in the spring of 1901, the day includes a Founders’ Day prayer service, a campus BBQ picnic lunch with games, such of tug-of-war (students challenge the faculty, and classes challenge each other) and the annual Maypole Dance in Seymour Court.



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