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School of Professional Studies | Understanding & Navigating the Recession

Understanding & Navigating the Recession

Friday, November 11, 1:00 pm - O'Connor Auditorium

Strategies for Understanding and Navigating the Recession

This event is being hosted by the Trinity School of Professional Studies to both educate and inform participants about the current economic recession. Participants will be educated about the causes and effects of the recession and receive valuable strategies and tips about how to recover and prosper in their investments, homeownership, savings, and employment. Panelists and speakers will also discuss the global impact of this crisis and the relationships of global economies on US financial and economic health, the social unrest that has resulted, and how the media’s messaging of the events has impacted our understanding of the crisis. If you are not sure how it all happened, or need strategies on how to recover from the recession, this event is for you.

  1. Investment Management in a Volatile Financial Environment
    The current manifestations of the economic slowdown are high unemployment and extremely volatile financial markets.  Against this backdrop, what would be a prudent investment strategy for individuals?  Should they buy? Sell? Hold? Get out of the market altogether?

  2. Social Unrest: The Criminalization of Protests by the Underclass
    Mass demonstrations and protests have swept through the Middle East during the “Arab Spring,” shook the capitals of Europe during the summer, and arrived on Wall Street in the fall.  Their tactics have ranged from those of Che Guevara to those of Mahatma Gandhi, but the reaction of those in power has been to label them as illegitimate and criminal. It is also no surprise that those in power will employ the law in defense of their social institutions.  This discussion will explore that process.

  3. Strategies For Staying Afloat When Your Mortgage Is Underwater
    Strategies for keeping, buying or selling your home will be explored. This session will explain what happened and what you should do, as a renter or homeowner, to secure your housing situation.

  4. Global Economic Crisis: Causes and Remedies
    The world economy is distressed.  Understanding the underlying causes and what must be done to introduce stability is pertinent in stabilizing a fragile but needed economic system.

  5. Unemployment: Causes and Remedies
    The current national unemployment rate is 9.1% (as of September 3, 2011). State unemployment rates ragne from 13.4% (Nevada) to 3.5% (North Dakota). Millions are out of work and relying on unemployment insurance to pay their daily and monthly expenses. This session will speak to the causes and potential remedies to the unemployment crisis that we are having in this country and what you can do to improve your employment situation.

  6. Messaging the Crisis
    Media headline captions: “Thriving During Job Loss”; “Job Loss is Emotionally Traumatic”; “Economic Crisis Devastates Students”; “Small Businesses Slammed by Job Losses in Great Recession”; and “Families Are Feeling Stress of Economic Crisis, Researcher Finds”. This language of economic crisis is a multi-layered, projected and introjected experience that is communicated to receive different reactions from disparate groups. If language is the expressive form of a culture, and since we live in a multicultural world, then how we think, feel and behave around an economic crisis will vary according to our particular cultural orientation. One might argue that since experience is influenced by cultural norms and values, our behavior might be manipulated based on the perception of that understanding. This presentation explores some of the nuances of meaning when a student is confronted with these messages of economic crisis and has to make decisions based on meaning that is communicated around their personal sense of responsibility and accountability.

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