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Public Safety | Metro Shuttle

Complimentary Metro Shuttle

Trinity offers a complimentary shuttle to and from the Brookland/CUA Metro station (on the red line). The shuttle operates every day 7 AM – midnight, and until 12:30 AM on Friday and Saturday.

On weekdays the shuttle runs every 20 minutes and on Sundays and holidays the schedule runs every 30 minutes, with some exceptions.

A valid University issued ID is required to board the shuttle; however, the shuttle accommodates quests and visitors attending official University sponsored events. For further instruction about using our shuttle, see our directions for Metro riders.


Shuttle Hours of Operation

Monday – Thursday
Shuttle runs every 20 min. from 7AM – 12 AM. Last pick up from Metro @ 11:50 PM; see detailed schedule below.
Friday & Saturday
Shuttle runs every 20 min. from 7 AM – 12:30 AM. Last pick up from Metro @ 12:30 AM; see detailed schedule below.
Sunday & Holidays
Shuttle runs every 30 min. from 8 AM – 12 AM. Last pick up from Metro @ 11:50 PM; see detailed schedule below.

Shuttle: Monday through Friday

7AM – 12 AM; until 12:30 AM on Friday and Saturday nights.

Leaves Trinity Leaves Metro
7:00AM 7:10AM
7:20AM 7:30AM
7:40AM 7:50AM
8:00AM 8:10AM
8:20AM 8:30AM
8:40AM 8:50AM
9:00AM 9:10AM
9:20AM 9:30AM
9:40AM 9:50AM
10:00AM 10:10AM
10:20AM 10:30AM
No Shuttle from 10:40AM to 11:00 AM (Driver’s Break)
11:00AM 11:10AM
11:20AM 11:30AM
11:40AM 11:50AM
12:00PM 12:10PM
12:20PM 12:30PM
No Shuttle from 12:40 PM – 1:00 PM (Driver’s Break)
01:00PM 01:10PM
01:20PM 01:30PM
01:40PM 01:50PM
02:00PM 02:10PM
02:20PM 02:30PM
02:40PM 02:50PM
03:00PM 03:10PM
03:20PM 03:30PM
03:40PM 03:50PM
04:00PM 04:10PM
04:20PM 04:30PM
04:40PM 04:50PM
05:00PM 05:10PM
05:20PM 05:30PM
05:40PM 05:50PM
06:00PM 06:10PM
06:20PM 06:30PM
06:40PM 06:50PM
07:00PM 07:10PM
07:20PM 07:30PM
No Shuttle from 7:40 PM – 8:00 PM (Driver’s Break)
08:00PM 08:10PM
08:20PM 08:30PM
08:40PM 08:50PM
09:00PM 09:10PM
09:20PM 09:30PM
09:40PM 09:50PM
10:00PM 10:10PM
10:20PM 10:30PM
No Shuttle from 10:40 PM – 10:50 PM (Driver’s Break)
11:00PM 11:10PM
11:20PM 11:30PM
11:40PM 11:50PM

Shuttle: Fridays & Saturdays Only (extended hours: 7 AM – 12:30 AM )

12:00AM 12:10AM
12:20AM 12:30AM

Shuttle: Sundays & Holidays Only (8 AM – 12 AM)

Leaves Trinity Leaves Metro
08:00AM 08:10AM
08:30AM 08:40AM
09:00AM 09:10AM
09:30AM 09:40AM
10:00AM 10:10AM
10:30AM 10:40AM
11:00AM 11:10AM
11:30AM 11:40AM
12:00PM 12:10PM
12:30PM 12:40PM
No Shuttle from 12:50 PM – 1:20 PM (Driver’s Break)
01:20PM 01:30PM
01:50PM 02:00PM
02:20PM 02:30PM
02:50PM 03:00PM
03:20PM 03:30PM
03:50PM 04:00PM
04:20PM 04:30PM
04:50PM 05:00PM
05:20PM 05:30PM
05:50PM 06:00PM
06:20PM 06:30PM
06:50PM 07:00PM
No Shuttle from 7:10 PM – 7:40 PM (Driver’s Break)
07:40PM 07:50PM
08:10PM 08:20PM
08:40PM 08:50PM
09:10PM 09:20[PM
09:40PM 09:50PM
10:10PM 10:30PM
10:40PM 10:50PM
11:10PM 11:20PM
11:40PM 11:50PM
* Schedule subject to change on Holidays and during University Closure

Contact the Department of Public Safety at 202-884-9111.



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