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Public Safety | Metro Shuttle

Free Trinity Metro Shuttle

Photo of Trinity Shuttle

Trinity offers a free shuttle to and from the Brookland/CUA Metro station (on the Red line). The shuttle operates every day 7 AM – midnight, and until 12:30 AM on Friday and Saturday. On weekdays the shuttle runs every 20 minutes and on Sundays and holidays the schedule runs every 30 minutes, with some exceptions.

A valid Trinity ID is required to board the shuttle; the shuttle also accommodates guests and visitors attending events at Trinity. To catch the shuttle at the Brookland/CUA station, exit to the right. At the top of the escalator, turn left and walk to the end of the iron railing and wait for the shuttle with the Trinity logo on the side.


Shuttle Hours of Operation

Monday – Thursday
Shuttle runs every 20 min. from 7AM – 12 AM. Last pick up from Metro @ 11:50 PM; see detailed schedule below.
Friday & Saturday
Shuttle runs every 20 min. from 7 AM – 12:30 AM. Last pick up from Metro @ 12:30 AM; see detailed schedule below.
Sunday & Holidays
Shuttle runs every 30 min. from 8 AM – 12 AM. Last pick up from Metro @ 11:50 PM; see detailed schedule below.

Shuttle: Monday through Friday

7AM – 12 AM; until 12:30 AM on Friday and Saturday nights.

Leaves Trinity Leaves Metro
7:00AM 7:10AM
7:20AM 7:30AM
7:40AM 7:50AM
8:00AM 8:10AM
8:20AM 8:30AM
8:40AM 8:50AM
9:00AM 9:10AM
9:20AM 9:30AM
9:40AM 9:50AM
10:00AM 10:10AM
10:20AM 10:30AM
No Shuttle from 10:40 AM to 11:00 AM (Driver’s Break)
11:00AM 11:10AM
11:20AM 11:30AM
11:40AM 11:50AM
12:00PM 12:10PM
12:20PM 12:30PM
No Shuttle from 12:40 PM – 1:00 PM (Driver’s Break)
01:00PM 01:10PM
01:20PM 01:30PM
01:40PM 01:50PM
02:00PM 02:10PM
02:20PM 02:30PM
02:40PM 02:50PM
03:00PM 03:10PM
03:20PM 03:30PM
03:40PM 03:50PM
04:00PM 04:10PM
04:20PM 04:30PM
04:40PM 04:50PM
05:00PM 05:10PM
05:20PM 05:30PM
05:40PM 05:50PM
06:00PM 06:10PM
06:20PM 06:30PM
06:40PM 06:50PM
07:00PM 07:10PM
07:20PM 07:30PM
No Shuttle from 7:40 PM – 8:00 PM (Driver’s Break)
08:00PM 08:10PM
08:20PM 08:30PM
08:40PM 08:50PM
09:00PM 09:10PM
09:20PM 09:30PM
09:40PM 09:50PM
10:00PM 10:10PM
10:20PM 10:30PM
No Shuttle from 10:40 PM – 10:50 PM (Driver’s Break)
11:00PM 11:10PM
11:20PM 11:30PM
11:40PM 11:50PM

Shuttle: Fridays & Saturdays Only (extended hours: 7 AM – 12:30 AM )

12:00AM 12:10AM
12:20AM 12:30AM

Shuttle: Sundays & Holidays Only (8 AM – 12 AM)

Leaves Trinity Leaves Metro
08:00AM 08:10AM
08:30AM 08:40AM
09:00AM 09:10AM
09:30AM 09:40AM
10:00AM 10:10AM
10:30AM 10:40AM
11:00AM 11:10AM
11:30AM 11:40AM
12:00PM 12:10PM
12:30PM 12:40PM
No Shuttle from 12:50 PM – 1:20 PM (Driver’s Break)
01:20PM 01:30PM
01:50PM 02:00PM
02:20PM 02:30PM
02:50PM 03:00PM
03:20PM 03:30PM
03:50PM 04:00PM
04:20PM 04:30PM
04:50PM 05:00PM
05:20PM 05:30PM
05:50PM 06:00PM
06:20PM 06:30PM
06:50PM 07:00PM
No Shuttle from 7:10 PM – 7:40 PM (Driver’s Break)
07:40PM 07:50PM
08:10PM 08:20PM
08:40PM 08:50PM
09:10PM 09:20[PM
09:40PM 09:50PM
10:10PM 10:30PM
10:40PM 10:50PM
11:10PM 11:20PM
11:40PM 11:50PM
* Schedule subject to change on Holidays and during University Closure

Contact the Department of Public Safety at 202-884-9111.



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