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Sociology (B.A.)

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Female student observes group discussion Sociology, the scientific study and interpretation of group life, develops students’ critical reasoning and writing skills as well as their willingness to consider ideas that don’t already fit into their worldview. At the center of our students’ studies are questions concerning gender, race, social class, social change and current social issues. For working in today’s multiracial, multiethnic and multinational environment, a sociological perspective is invaluable.

Our sociology program provides excellent preparation for a career in social work, journalism, politics, public relations, business, public administration or any field that involves utilizing research and critical thinking skills and working with diverse groups.

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Featured Courses

SOCY 240 Work and Society SOCY 242 Social Criticism in Film SOCY 261 Family and Society SOCY 303 Minorities and Women in Criminal Justice SOCY 321 Inequality and Society SOCY 333 Women and Third World Development SOCY 381 Understanding AIDS: Interdisciplinary Seminar SOCY 421 Sociological Theory

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Career Paths

  • Market Research Analyst
  • Family Services Counselor
  • Demographer
  • Caseworker
  • College Admissions Counselor
  • Personnel Manager
  • Public Administrator
  • Hospital Administrator
  • Lawyer
  • Probation Officer

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Recent internship sites include the Department of Education, National Geographic Magazine, the National Museum of American History, the American Sociological Association, The Family Place and the Children’s Defense Fund.

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Dr. E. Wairimu Mwangi, Assistant Professor of Sociology (program chair); Dr. Hans Momplaisir, Assistant Professor of Sociology; Sr. Mary Johnson, SND, PhD, Distinguished Professor of Sociology and Religious Studies; Dr. Konia Kollehlon, Associate Professor of Sociology; Dr. Roberta Goldberg, Professor of Sociology; Dr. Roxana Moayedi, Professor of Sociology;

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