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The Bachelor of Arts in Health Services is an interdisciplinary program designed to address the current and emerging needs in a changing health care landscape. The health services curriculum prepares students to promote delivery of efficient, quality driven health care through a core curriculum that includes a foundation in health care systems, health care policy, finance, and data management. Students can focus on an aspect of health services by selecting one of three tracks in: healthcare management, wellness, or patient advocacy.  The program is ideal for students who want to take a non-clinical approach to building a career in the healthcare industry.

Health Services Student Learning OutcomesProfessor leads class during a lab

  • Utilize effective written and oral communication when conveying a message about a current or emerging health care issue
  • Apply evidence-based solutions to organizational and client issues within the contemporary health care arena
  • Demonstrate critical thinking as evidenced by ethical and legal decision-making as a member of an interprofessional health care team
  • Demonstrate leadership to meet a health care organization’s or client’s needs

Discover your leadership skills in healthcare management
Health care manages plan, direct, and coordinate health care services at multiple levels of hospitals or other health care organizations. The role of a health care manager is to:

  • Recruit and retain employees in an organization
  • Ensure compliance with health care regulations
  • Assess organizational outcomes

Promote a healthy and balanced lifestyle through wellness education
The wellness track prepares students for a career in health project management, wellness center directorship, or health education. A background in wellness provides the skill set to:

  • Teach clients how to improve health behaviors
  • Design and evaluate health programs
  • Assess the health needs of individuals and the community

Support and coordinate patient-centered care as a patient advocate
Patient advocates are culturally sensitive health care workers who provide support and guidance to patients navigating the health care system. The responsibility of a patient advocate is to:

  • Coordinate appointments and communication between health care providers
  • Connect clients to patient-support organizations
  • Build partnerships with local agencies to meet client needs

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Featured Courses

Health Care Management: BADM 373 Organizational Behavior ECON 101 Introduction to Microeconomics ECON 102 Introduction to Macroeconomics Wellness: BIOL 121 Human Anatomy and Physiology I EXSC 321 Health & Wellness Programming HPNU 200 Nutrition, Diet Therapy, and Health Promotion Patient Advocacy: HUMR 211 Introduction to Social Work COM 201 Interpersonal Communication SOCY 321 Inequality and Society

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Career Paths

Medical and Health Services Manager
Health Project Manager
Health Promotion Director
Patient Advocate

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