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Trinity Washington University | Profile: Jasmin Modi ’10

Jasmin Modi ’10

Jasmin Modi ’10

Do you recall what you wanted to be when you grew up? Jasmin Modi ’10 remembers. “There’s a photo of me in kindergarten on career day, and I am wearing a stethoscope,” the medical school student shares. No matter what other career choices she considered, Jasmin says she “always came back to wanting to become a doctor.”

The Trinity graduate is now pursuing her childhood dream. After being accepted to multiple medicals schools, Jasmin chose to study at the University of Medicine and Health Sciences in St. Kitts. She is pleased by how much Trinity helped her prepare for the experience of medical school.

“Because of Trinity’s investment in providing a rich education experience to women, it has really given me even more of a sense of empowerment…made me feel privileged to be able to pursue a career in a male dominated profession and has made me a stronger student because of that.”

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Trinity Treasures

A biology major, Jasmin chose Trinity because of its rich history and its supportive educational atmosphere. Small class sizes and daily communications with instructors helped build a foundation of trust for her coursework. “The professors at Trinity are so easily approachable that I remember we were able to have really open and in depth conversations with them without any feelings that they weren’t there to help us.”

One of Trinity’s many “Hogwarts-like” staircases

Jasmin also loved the physical atmosphere of Trinity. “The campus had this really cozy comfortable feeling to it and I still miss the squeaking floors in the main hall and all of the small staircases that we’d discover over the years.”

Lincoln Memorial

Living in Washington, DC also had its perks, like all of the museums and restaurants. One of her favorite things to do on the weekends was to study outside at Dupont Circle or among the Smithsonian museums, monuments, and tourists on the National Mall.

Jasmin wasn’t the only student to enjoy the attractions of DC.

“I remember my freshmen year, we went on a Monument Crawl. About fifteen of my classmates went out around ten at night to visit all of the monuments which, 5 years later, I still remember as being a great time.”

Trinity Empowerment

St. Kitts

After such a successful educational experience at Trinity, Jasmin sought out a medical school that would offer a similarly supportive atmosphere. She found one in the University of Medicine and Health Sciences in St. Kitts.

Living in St. Kitts has been quite an adjustment from the hustle and bustle of DC. Located in the eastern Caribbean, the island is only 69 square miles, approximately the same size of Washington, DC, but with only 1/17th of the population.

“It still takes me by surprise to live on an island where there isn’t a Starbucks on every block or not a single McDonald’s,” confides Jasmin. “It’s a beautiful island which sometimes can get frustrating for a medical student because sometimes we have days where we are in the library for 12 hours and we look out in the windows and see blue waters, palm trees, and sunshine.”

Unlike Trinity’s broad liberal arts education, medical school is focused entirely on the degree program.

Jasmin working a health fair in St. Kitts

“It’s definitely different taking classes that all pertain to my reason for being here, as compared to being able to take a fun history or a philosophy course. Medical school is a lot of work and no one said it would be easy.”

However, Jasmin is still very pleased with what she is learning and what she can give back to the St. Kitts community. “We had a health fair and were able to perform health screenings for Kittitians so it has already been very rewarding.”

Trinity Legacy

Being in the Caribbean has been an experience that Jasmin will always remember, just like her time at Trinity.

“Trinity is really devoted to providing a rich educational experience to women which I feel very honored to feel a part of…I’m very happy that I chose Trinity Washington University to pursue my education.”

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