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Nursing & Health Professions | Master of Occupational Therapy Curriculum Plan

MOT Curriculum Plan

Year One

Semester One (Fall)                      Credits
OTM 520 Foundations of OT Practice         3
OTM 521 Occupational Development Across the Lifespan                                             3
OTM 522 Functional Anatomy and Kinesiology                                              4
OTM 525 OT Process I: Basic Skill              2
TOTAL:                                                 12

Semester Two (Spring)                  Credits
OTM 532 Functional Neuroscience: Sensory-motor Foundations of Occupation  4
OTM 533 Research to Practice I                  3
OTM 624 OT Interventions with Adults        4
OTM 625 OT Process IV: Treatment planning and documentation                                   2
TOTAL:                                                   13

Semester Three (Summer)             Credits
OTM 614 Psychosocial/Behavioral Foundations and Intervention                    4
OTM 615 OT Process III                              2
TOTAL:                                                    6

Year Two

Semester Four (Fall)                     Credits
OTM 630 Policy,                               Advocacy, and Ethics                                 3
OTM 623 Research to Practice II: EBP                                                           3
OTM 534 Pediatric       Interventions                                             4
OTM 535 OT Process II                               2
TOTAL:                                                   13

Semester Five (Spring)                  Credits
OTM 620 Administration, Management and Leadership                                              3
OTM 632 Special Topics                           3
OTM 634 Interventions for Participation, Health and Aging                                     4
OTM 635 OT Process V: Environments and Technology                                             2
TOTAL:                                                 13

Semester Six (Summer)                 Credits
OTM 691 Level II Fieldwork #I                   6
TOTAL:                                                  6

Semester Seven (Fall)                  Credits
OTM 692 Level II                               Fieldwork #II                                          6
OTM 694 Professional Seminar: School to Practice                                                 3
TOTAL:                                                  9


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