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Grades & Gradebook

How do I view just the course totals for my students in the gradebook? [Moodle version 3.2]

November 6, 2017 - The ‘Grader Report’ is the spreadsheet-like view with all the students listed down the left side of the screen, and all the graded activities listed across the top.You can change the view in the ‘Grader Report’ to ‘Aggregates only’ to allow you to just see the students’ names and the course totals. There are actually three possible views that you can choose for the ‘Grader Report’ in the gradebook in Moodle. ‘Full view’ – everything in the gradebook is displayed. ‘Aggregates only’ – only the course/category total is displayed, no individual grade items in the course/category are displayed. ‘Grades only’ … Continue reading
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How do I review and grade an essay question on a quiz? [Moodle version 3.2]

October 30, 2017 - The ‘Essay’ question type is used for any open-ended question on a quiz activity. Essay question type examples could include: What is the scientific definition of parallax? If the next space exploratory mission goal is to find extraterrestrial organisms, on which solar system body should we focus and why? Make a case for your selection for the most influential female astronomer of the 20th century. Once your students have completed the quiz activity, you need to review and grade the essay questions. Follow these steps below to do that. Note: you can click on any image to view a larger … Continue reading
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How do I regrade a quiz activity? [Moodle version 3.2]

September 19, 2017 - Occasionally, you will find that one of the questions on a quiz activity is incorrect or invalid. You have a number of options available to you to address this and regrade a quiz activity. You can adjust the problematic question, and run a regrade for all (or selected) quiz attempts. You can review the responses and manually adjust the points for that question for students who were impacted on a one-on-one basis. You can override the student grades directly in the gradebook. Below you can find the steps for each of these approaches. Note: If your students cannot currently see … Continue reading
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How do I make the existing attendance activity graded? [Moodle version 3.2]

August 22, 2017 - This FAQ will walk you through updating the settings for the existing attendance activity so that the system grades it for you. By default, the attendance activity is not set to be graded. To change the attendance activity settings such that it calculates a grade, you can follow the steps below. Moodle grades the attendance by allotting each attendance session two points. Each student can then earn the following: Present – 2 points out of 2 points possible Late – 1 point out of 2 Excused – 1 out of 2 Absent – 0 out of 2 For example: If you … Continue reading
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How do I change my gradebook category’s aggregation? [Moodle version 3.2]

April 26, 2017 - You can adjust your gradebook category’s aggregation in a similar way to adjusting your entire gradebook’s aggregation. By default, the Moodle gradebook category’s aggregation (the way it adds your grade values) is ‘Simple Weighted Mean of Grades.’ If you wish to use another aggregation in your gradebook category, follow the steps below to change the aggregation. Note: you can click on any image to view a larger version of the image. Login to Moodle and enter the course in which you wish to adjust the gradebook category’s aggregation. From the main page of the course, click on the gray, ‘Edit’ … Continue reading
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What is the difference between a category and a grade item in the Moodle gradebook? [Moodle version 3.2]

March 27, 2017 - On the ‘Gradebook setup’ page of the Moodle gradebook, you can set-up all of the details of your specific gradebook. This includes adding categories [button A in image below] and/or manual grade items [button B], as necessary. Category vs. Grade Item A gradebook category is not something that will be graded on its own. It is a space used to group multiple items together where the individual items are set to be graded. Common uses for a gradebook category include: Homework category – The grade for all of the Homework assignments together carries 15% of the course’s total grade. This category … Continue reading
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How do I give a student who didn’t take a quiz activity a zero? [Moodle version 3.2]

December 2, 2016 - If a student does not take an online quiz activity that you have created, you will want to enter the ‘zero’ that the student earned directly into the gradebook. To manually enter a grade for a student for a quiz activity, please follow the steps below. This is also how you would enter a grade for student who takes the exam offline for any reason. If you need to adjust a specific question and regrade the exam, please check out this FAQ, “How do I regrade a quiz activity?” Note: you can click on any image to view a larger … Continue reading
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Why can’t my students see their quiz grades? [Moodle version 3.2]

October 20, 2016 - In the Quiz activity, the instructor controls when the students can see each bit of information such as whether they got a specific question correct, what the correct answer is, and how many points they earned for the quiz (i.e., their grade on the quiz). If your students cannot see their quiz grades, it is most likely that the option for students to view their “Points” is not checked for the current time period/state of the quiz. Jump to Fixing this Issue In the section of the “Quiz Settings” screen called “Review options,” you set the information the students can see … Continue reading
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How do I make an item extra credit in the gradebook? [Moodle version 3.2]

May 5, 2016 - As an instructor, you can indicate to Moodle that certain graded items are extra credit. However, extra credit items are only possible in a points-based aggregation system. The aggregation for the whole course or the category in which you are adding extra credit must be either ‘Natural’ or ‘Simple Weighted Mean of Grades.’ Note: You CANNOT have a a category that contains only extra credit. Moodle will ignore the category and not count the extra credit at all. To indicate that an existing item is extra credit, follow the steps below. Note: you can click on any image to view a larger … Continue reading
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How do I weight items in my gradebook? [Moodle version 3.2]

May 4, 2016 - To assign different weights to various items, assignments or grade categories in Moodle, your course’s gradebook aggregation must be set to ‘Weighted Mean of Grades.’ By default, the Moodle gradebook aggregation (the way it adds your grade values) is ‘Simple Weighted Mean of Grades.’ This is points-based, and does not allow you to weight categories or items so you must first change the aggregation and then you will be able to enter the weights. Here are links to specific Frequently Asked Questions about changing your gradebook aggregation: Fast FAQ: Changing Your Gradebook Aggregation How do I change my gradebook aggregation to … Continue reading
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