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How do I weight items in my gradebook? [Moodle version 3.2]


To assign different weights to various items, assignments or grade categories in Moodle, your course’s gradebook aggregation must be set to ‘Weighted Mean of Grades.’

By default, the Moodle gradebook aggregation (the way it adds your grade values) is ‘Simple Weighted Mean of Grades.’ This is points-based, and does not allow you to weight categories or items so you must first change the aggregation and then you will be able to enter the weights.

Here are links to specific Frequently Asked Questions about changing your gradebook aggregation:

You can learn more about the Moodle gradebook in the Moodle resource course, Moodle Gradebook for Faculty. If your are a faculty member, login to Moodle and you will be able to locate it either in your “My Courses” block or in the “Main Menu” block on the homepage.

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