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Where are the previous courses I’ve taken in Moodle? [Moodle version 3.2]


All courses, aside from professional development courses offered through the Office of Continuing Education, are archived approximately one week into the next semester/term. This stores them, and student access is no longer linked through your “My Courses” block.

  • WINTER & SPRING term courses are usually archived near the beginning of June.
  • MAY & SUMMER courses are usually archived near the end of August or the beginning of September.
  • FALL Courses are usually archived near the middle to end of January.

When a specific date for the archiving process is determined, it is announced through the University’s email.

As a student, you can walk through an approval process for a short-term access to a previous course. If granted by the dean team and instructor, the course can be opened for a period of ~72 hours for you to download any work that you had not previously saved.

If you wish to being the approval process, please submit a Moodle Support Help Desk ticket. For each course to which you wish to request access, please send the:
–Course ID (e.g., BADM 101, COUN 888, NURS 420C, etc.) and section number — this information will be in Self-Service, if you are not sure of the details
–Course Name (e.g., Intro to Business, Principles of Counseling, Pediatric Nursing, etc.)
–Instructor’s Name

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