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How do I view my course evaluations? [Moodle version 3.2]


As a faculty member at Trinity, you can view the details from your completed course evaluations for any of your courses approximately one week after the last grade due date for the last academic session (e.g., DAY, WEEKLY, MONTHLY, SEM, etc.) in the that academic term (e.g., FALL, SPRING, MAY, etc.).

While the submission window for course evaluations is open for your current courses, you CANNOT view the content from evaluations for your current courses, but you CAN view your course evaluations completion rate for those current courses.

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To access your previous evaluations, follow the steps below.

  1. Login to Moodle.
  2. From the main page of Moodle click on the link titled, “Course Evaluations Reporting Tool for Faculty.”
  3. On the resulting Moodle page, review the instructions and click on the link to access to reporting tool.
  4. Once you are within the course evaluations reporting tool, there are 4 report options available:
    1. Completed Course Evaluations– Shows the number of completed evaluations by course, and no other data. This is the only report that will show information for current courses.
    2. Course Evaluation Analysis– Shows you counts of the number of students responding to each question.
    3. Course Evaluation Analysis – Graphical– This is the same data as the Course Evaluation Analysis report but in graphs
    4. Course Evaluation Student Responses – This shows a total Course Evaluation for each respondent.
  5. To get detailed information, you would click on the “Evaluation Analysis” link for that particular course.



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