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Moodle has moved ‘up in the world!’


This upgrade brings improvements to existing functions, and new enhancements to elevate your Moodle experience.

Some of the exciting features of Moodle 2.9:

  • More mobile and tablet-friendly site layout
  • New HTML text editor with drag-and-drop image capability
  • Forum reply by email option
  • Enhanced ‘User Profile’ page
  • Improved, easy-to-find site navigation

For instructors, there are a number of useful updates from an administrative perspective as well, including:

  • New ‘Grader Report’ interface that:
    • Uses the entire window
    • Allows the quick editing of any cell without reloading
    • Includes more smooth/stable scrolling in all directions
  • Improved ‘Quiz’ interface with:
    • Revamped ‘Edit Quiz’ page
    • New ‘Quiz Completion Tracking’ choices
    • More Question Bank back-up and restore option
  • Enhanced Lesson activity

Watch your email for messages, post-upgrade, with helpful tips and How Tos to help you ‘meet’ the new Moodle!

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