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How do I send an email in Moodle? [Moodle version 3.2]


Quickmail is Moodle’s version of email. To send an email to all of your students or classmates/faculty members, you would use Quickmail.

Quickmail is a ‘send-only’ interface, which means that when you send a Quickmail through Moodle, it arrives in the recipient’s email inbox. Then when they respond to it, the response will go to your email inbox not somewhere in Moodle.

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  1. Login to Moodle and click on the course in which you wish to send a Quickmail.
  2. In your course, you will find the “Quickmail” block in the right column. Click on the “Compose New Email” link.
  3. On the Quickmail screen, click on the “Add All” button to move all of the members of the class to the “Selected Recipients” list. You can also choose select individuals by clicking on their names and then clicking the “Add” button. By holding down the ‘Ctrl’ key on PCs or the ‘command’ key on Macs, you can select more than one individual at a time.
  4. NOTE: If you do not have groups enabled in your courses, after each student, you will see the phrase “(Not in a section).” This simply means they are not in a group.
  5. Once you have chosen your recipients, scroll do You can add an attachment in the “Attachment(s)” section by either dragging-and-dropping a file or by clicking on the piece of paper with the plus sign.

    In the pop-up “File picker” window, choose the “Upload a file” option. Browse to and select your attachment. Click “Open.” When you return to the “File picker,” click the “Upload this file” button.
  6. After adding an attachment, scroll down. Complete the subject line and message. Make sure you switch the “Receive a copy” to “Yes” to get a copy of the Quickmail in your Trinity email account.
  7. When you are ready, click the “Send Email” button.

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