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Trinity’s Counseling Programs Receive CACREP Accreditation


Trinity’s master’s degree programs in clinical mental health counseling and school counseling have both received accreditation from the Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Programs (CACREP). “This is a very important step forward for these programs that prepare professional counselors for a wide range of settings,” said President Pat McGuire. “This is the first CACREP accreditation for these programs and truly a significant achievement. Many employers today require their counselors to be graduates of CACREP approved schools, so this accreditation will open even more career pathways for our counseling graduates.”

Trinity’s established program in counseling offers two graduate degrees through the School of Education: A master of arts in clinical mental health counseling and a master of arts in school counseling.

President McGuire expressed her thanks and congratulations to Dr. Deborah Haskins, counseling program director and associate professor of counseling, and the faculty and students in Trinity’s counseling program. “Dr. Haskins and her team devoted years of hard work to preparing the program and self-study for the accreditation review, and their hard work is now fulfilled in securing this very important accreditation for these programs. CACREP accreditation will elevate the status of our programs in the profession, and will ensure that our graduates can pursue positions with employers that require degrees from CACREP-approved universities.”

President McGuire continued, “I am grateful to Dr. Haskins and her colleagues in counseling including Dr. Luane Oprea, Dr. Diane Reese, Dr. Cynthia Greer and our former colleague Dr. Sara Pula. Thanks to other faculty in the School of Education for their cooperation and support. Thanks as well to Dean Nicole Strange-Martin and former Dean Janet Stocks. Very special thanks to Provost Carlota Ocampo and Associate Provost Debbie Van Camp for immense support in this effort.”

Learn more about these programs:

Learn more about CACREP: Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Programs.

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