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CNN Interview with House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi ’62 Filmed on Trinity’s Campus


Nancy Pelosi Interviewed by David Axelrod for “The Axe Files” on CNN

Watch the interview.

David Axelrod and CNN News filmed an extensive interview of Nancy Pelosi ’62, Democratic Leader of the House and a Trinity graduate, in early October. The one hour profile, part of the series “The Axe Files,” was broadcast on CNN on Saturday, October 14. Watch the interview here.

Photo of Nancy Pelosi and David Axelrod

Leader Pelosi was asked by CNN to select a place that has special meaning to her for the interview, and she chose Trinity. The entire interview was filmed at Trinity — in Rose and Board Parlors, Main Hall, Notre Dame Chapel and Seymour Court — and thanks to Trinity’s great facilities team and the CNN production crew, the campus really shines!

Leader Pelosi is the first, and only, woman to be elected Speaker of the House – the highest elected public office ever held by a woman in the United States. The CNN program, β€œThe Axe Files,” profiles influential leaders, including Congressman John Lewis, Senator John McCain, Ambassador James Baker and California Governor Jerry Brown. David Axelrod was the chief strategist for Barack Obama’s presidential campaigns and then served as senior advisor to the President.

While the interview focuses mostly on policy issues and her journey from Baltimore to California to the role of Speaker of the House, Leader Pelosi also reflects on her Trinity experience and talk about Trinity today.

Watch the CNN interview – and check out these photos of the filming on campus and CNN setting up.

Photo of CNN Filming Nancy Pelosi and David Axelrod

CNN Filming Nancy Pelosi and David Axelrod












CNN Setting up for Filming

CNN Setting up for Filming

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