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New Two-Car Elevator Opens in Main Hall


Trinity is pleased to announce that a new two-car elevator is now servicing Main Hall. Thanks to the generosity of alumnae who have responded so remarkably to Trinity Annual Fund appeals over the last several years, Trinity had the financial resources to build a second elevator. The installation of the elevator was a major project during the summer and fall of 2011, starting with demolition to clear the way for the new elevator shafts, and then the construction of the shafts and installation of the elevators. The new elevator is located on the south end of Main Hall; on the Marble Corridor on the first floor, it is near the Admissions Office.  Work began in June and the project was completed in December. The two-car elevator incorporates the latest elevator technologies, is fully accessible, and will enhance the functionality of Main Hall. The current Main Hall elevator on the north end of the building remains in place and is fully operational.  The new elevator was designed by Bowie Gridley Architects and Hitt Construction was the general contractor.

Another major project underway in Main Hall is the construction of new women’s and men’s restrooms on the Marble Corridor, located in space across from the Rose Parlor. Having modern restrooms will add to the comfort and functionality of the entire building and is part of a long-term restroom renovation plan.

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