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President McGuire to be Guest Performer at 95th Anniversary Girl Scout Sing-Along


President Patricia McGuire will be featured as a guest performer and song leader at the National Sing-Along in celebration of the 95th Anniversary of Girl Scouting. The Sing-Along, hosted by the Girl Scout Council of the Nation’s Capital, will be held on Saturday, June 9, on the the National Mall. Dora the Explorer, Michelle Shocked and Julia Nixon are among the other featured song leaders.

pat-mcguire-girl-scouts.jpgAccording to the Girl Scout Sing-Along web site, “Pat McGuire, President of Trinity (University) Washington, is not a professional singer. However, she will take center stage to lead Sing-Along participants in her signature song, Princess Pat. While not a threat to the other song leaders in terms of musical ability, President McGuire is sure to receive much love for the joyful, enthusiastic manner in which she engages audiences in this one song that she laid claim to some years ago at Camp CEO on the Aquia Creek in Virginia. No one, but no one, can touch President McGuire’s song-leader ability once she launches into her very own Princess Pat.”

“The Girl Scouts are a great organization that provides positive role models for young women,” said President McGuire. “I am very proud to be a part of this celebration.”

Trinity’s campus is hosting about 100 Girl Scouts from across the country who will be in town for the Sing-Along.

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