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SGA President Leah Martin Expresses Support for Hokies, Trinity Students


Trinity Student Government Association President Leah Martin shared the following message with Trinity students.

Fellow Trinity Students,

Today is the day that we honor the students who lost their lives last week in the tragic shooting at Virginia Tech. As we show our solidarity with the VT community, let us also reflect on how lucky we are to have been blessed with so much. We have all had an amazing year here at Trinity. It is a pity that it takes such a tragedy for us to realize how lucky we truly are. Let us band together to comfort those among us who have been directly affected by the events of last Monday, and also look inside of ourselves to do everything we can to support the family, friends and staff of VT, whom have lost so much. To find out about ways you can help, please visit where you can view a memorial video, donate to the Hokie Spirit Fund, and visit the memorial website.

We are entering a very exciting and stressful time here at Trinity as well. Finals are only a week away and Commencement is just around the corner! I encourage all of us to do our very best to help one another get through these next few weeks. Ways you may help include: offering to lead a study session for your class, give a pat on the back to our wonderful Trinity Tigers athletic teams for representing us so well, or writing a note to a member of the staff or a professor thanking them for all of their hard work on your behalf. We can each do our part to make these next few weeks and for some of us our last few weeks at Trinity a wonderful memory.

Additionally, if you are someone you know is having a hard time coping with the stress of all that is going on, do not hesitate to reach out to the web of resources Trinity has to offer. You can blow off some steam at the Trinity Center, talk to counselors in the Heath and Wellness Center, schedule a last minute cramming session in Academic Support, get support on locating resources for that very last paper you have been putting off forever in the Trinity Library, or walk into Dean Meechie’s office or any other Professor or Staff member and simply let them know what is going on. As always, your Student Government officers are here for you. If you need to reach us for any reason, please stop me in the hallways, email us at, or find us on Facebook.

It has been a privilege of serving for you and with you as your Student Government President over the past year. The experience has been truly rewarding and eye opening. And I thank you for the opportunity.

Stay Dedicated, Stay Determined, and Stay Involved!

Leah A. Martin
President, Student Government Association

Trinity Center

Health & Wellness Center

Academic Support

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