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Trinity Community Stands in Solidarity with Virginia Tech Community


President Patricia McGuire sent the following letter to Virginia Tech President Charles Steger and the Virginia Tech Community

Dear Dr. Steger:

Please know that the students, faculty and staff of Trinity in Washington stand in solidarity with you and the Virginia Tech community in this time of such great sorrow. We have been thinking about you and offering prayers for all those whose lives have been taken and scarred by this terrible event. Just this morning I read the “Book of Condolence” that we have in our central administration building, and the scores of spiritual messages for you from people in the Trinity community indicate a truly heartfelt response to your suffering.

Words seem so small in the face of such great grief. But please know that you have countless friends you’ve never met; today and this week we are spiritual kin against the unfathomable darkness. You will go on, becoming a people of even greater resolve and hope. Virginia Tech will rise stronger as a reminder to all of us in higher education that our fundamental purpose in the advancement of the human intellect is the best defense we have against the evil that may sometimes damage but cannot destroy the human spirit.

We are here for you in any way that we can help.

With deep condolences,

Patricia McGuire

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