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Student Athletes

Kymia Jones ’03

Kymia Jones ’03
Los Angeles, Calif.

Though this was Kymia Jones first season as a member of the crew team, one would think she’d known her teammates for years. That’s because when Jones had to take a physical fitness test for the army, her whole team decided she wouldn’t be taking it alone.

“I was worried about the test and everyone came out to support me,” Jones explained. “They ran from Trinity to Howard (University), then they ran the two mile test with me, they did sit-ups and push-ups, and then they ran back to Trinity.”
“I knew they were coming, she said, “but it felt so good.”

For Jones, a senior communication major who transferred from Howard last year, staying in shape is one of her favorite aspects of participating in sports.

“It also gets you to push yourself, in everything you do,” she added. “You have to be able to manage your time and to juggle a lot of things and to do it all well.”

And juggle it all she does. During the fall semester, Jones was a resident advisor for Cuvilly Hall while taking 21 academic credits. She is also a member of ROTC and plans to continue on the crew team this spring.

“Being on the water in the morning was so calm and peaceful,” she said. “And everyone I met are my friends now.”

When Jones graduates, she plans to go into the military as a 2nd Lt. where she will serve on active duty. She also hopes to continue her studies and earn her master’s degree someday.

Angelica Lara ’06

Angelica Lara ’06
Henderson, Texas

For Angelica Lara, kicking around a soccer ball has been a part of her life for a long time. That’s because the freshman honor student started playing the sport at age 5.

“My parents thought it was a good way to meet people and make friends,” she said. “I’m very conservative and shy. Playing sports helps me to socialize and make friends.”

And make friends she did – in fact, many of them male friends. That’s because at Lara’s private high school in Tyler, Texas there was no girls soccer team. So, Lara played on the boys varsity team for three years.

“It was fun,” she said. “It’s a more aggressive game, it’s faster and it’s challenging.”

And while she has only been on campus a short while, Lara has continued to make friends and excel in the sport. She said the best thing about this year’s season has been meeting new people and having a successful season.

“By the end, we were a big family,” she said of her Trinity teammates.

As a center defender, Lara is usually the last line of defense in protecting her goalie. But that didn’t stop her from going on the attack and scoring two goals in a game against Wilson College.

In November, the Atlantic Women’s College Conference, in which Trinity is a member, named Lara an All-Conference player. Only 14 athletes out of approximately 140 players received the honor.

Meghan Trexler ’06

Meghan Trexler ’06
Soccer, Lacrosse & Softball
Upper Marlboro, Md.

Freshman Meghan Trexler has only completed one semester at Trinity, but that doesn’t stop her from thinking about what she wants to do when she’s done with college.

“I hope to coach one day,” she said definitively. “I’ve had such great experiences playing and I want to give back and teach other people what I’ve learned.”

But the learning isn’t over yet for Trexler who plans to play lacrosse this spring as well as participate in three softball exhibition games. Involved in athletics since she was 6-years-old, the Upper Marlboro, Md. native continued playing sports throughout grade school, culminating with a three-sport season in high school: soccer in the fall, diving in the winter and softball in the spring.

“It’s energizing,” Trexler said about playing sports. “And it’s a release. It has also taught me so many life lessons: leadership, commitment and social skills.”

Trexler, an English major and Trinity honor program student, said she chose Trinity based on proximity and size.

“I visited Trinity and it was a great location,” she said. “The people were nice and it was nice and small.”

As for season highlights, Trexler said the final soccer tournament was one of the best moments. “The team came together,” she explained. “All the work from the entire season, everything fit.

“Next year,” she added, “we’ll take them.”

India Patrick ’05

India Patrick ’05
Basketball, Field Hockey & Softball
Washington, D.C.

It wasn’t until a coach convinced her that she couldn’t play football all her life that sophomore India Patrick decided to play basketball. That was during her sophomore year at Dunbar High School in Washington, D.C. and Patrick has been playing ever since.

“The coach had heard that I’d played football so he wanted me try basketball,” Patrick said. “He told me I might as well try it.”

Generally positioned as a point guard for Trinity, Patrick also plays field hockey and plans to play softball this spring. Involved in sports since she was in middle school, Patrick said she grew up in a very athletic family.

“I like all sports,” Patrick said. “I like competing, I like playing.”

“There are so many things you get out of playing sports,” she continued. “Confidence, health, and better communication skills with other teammates.”

In addition to these advantages, Patrick said her favorite aspect of playing sports is the team effort.

“All these different minds come together for one particular goal,” Patrick explained. “Everybody works together as one.”

In addition to the playing fields and basketball courts, Patrick has also been recognized in the classroom as well. The dual math and computer science major was honored her senior year of high school by the Women’s Sports Foundation as Scholar Athlete of the Year for the District of Columbia. She was also named an Everyday Champion by Wheaties Energy Crunch Cereal for her athletic accomplishments and community volunteer service, and her name appeared on the back of a box of the product.



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