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Mental Health Awareness Month


Many of you are probably already aware of the importance of good mental health. As nursing students, counselors-in-training, and future social workers, you understand that happiness is a complex — and immeasurably important — contributor to well-being. And as busy adults, you’ve undoubtedly felt the pinch of stress, anxiety, insecurity, and other psychological challenges.

The many components of mental health.

Sadly, for every person who really understands mental health, there are just as many who need to learn more. Stigma and shame still surround mental illness, in spite of the fact that mental illness affects 1 in 4 adults in the US — and a full half of Americans will experience mental illness at some point in their lives. Fortunately, May is Mental Health Awareness Month: the perfect opportunity to spread the word about what mental health really means.

Start by assessing your understanding of mental health issues with these online quizzes:

(NOTE: These activities are not official psychological measures. If you have concerns, contact the Health & Wellness Center or view their online health resources.)

We also invite you to explore the library’s extensive collection of psychology resources.

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