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G.I. Film Festival


May 18 is Armed Forces Day and May 31 is Memorial Day.

Get a jumpstart on honoring America’s troops by attending this year’s GI Film Festival (through May 12). Go for the movies themselves: 50+ classic and premier films by filmmakers from around the world. Or, dive into the deeper themes and attend panel discussions with journalists, artists, and members of the Armed Forces. The festival is sponsored by GIFF, a 501c3 non-profit educational organization “dedicated to sharing the military experience in and out of… war.” Tickets for each of the events can be purchased through the GIFF website.


You can also celebrate at home with a movie from the Trinity Library or one of our consortium partners. Remember — movies from the library are always free! Here are a few from our collection:

Stop by the library to check out these movies, browse our full selection, and learn more about the US Armed Forces.


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