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Spotlight on the Collection: Non-Fiction


You know we’ve got fiction, but this summer we invite you to explore our nonfiction collection, too. Learn about everything from maps to chocolate to neuroscience — and do it without having to slog through articles or thick, heavy textbooks. Let our range of casual nonfiction be your summer companion. Here are a few of our newest titles:

Brandwashed: Tricks Companies Use to Manipulate Our Minds and Persuade us to Buy

Brandwashed by Martin Lindstrom.Have you ever wondered what goes on behind advertisers’ closed doors? Ever wondered why certain products are so alluring, or certain messages so compelling? In this behind-the-scenes look at the manipulative world of branding, marketing expert Martin Lindstrom unveils just how clever corporations are in convincing us to buy, buy, buy.

Brandwashed is smart, thought-provoking, and laugh out loud funny.”
–Steven Levitt, author of Freakonomics

“If you buy products, you need to read this book.”
–Tom Rath, author of How Full is Your Bucket

“If you want to learn to cut through marketers’ phony health and wellness claims and make smarter decisions — about both your body and your money — you need to read this eye-opening book.”
–Dr. Oz, author of YOU: The Owner’s Manual health series

The Tea Party: Three Principles

The Tea Party: Three Principles.We’ve all heard about it in the news, but what is the Tea Party — really? In this book, constitutional law expert Elizabeth Price Foley examines the Tea Party’s principles, its portrayal in the mainstream media, and the implications of Tea Party ideology for topics ranging from healthcare to immigration to the War on Terror.

“The Tea Party may be the political phenomenon of the decade. No one has captured the energy and essence of this vital movement better than Elizabeth price Foley.”
–Robert A Levy, Chairman, Cato Institute

“…an interesting and important work on the constitutional basis for the agenda of the Tea Party movement.”
–Ron Paul, U.S. Congressman (R-TX)

“A clear and straightforward explication of what the Tea Party movement is all about, and… required reading for anyone who wants to understand the current political climate.”
–Glenn Harlan Reynolds, Professor of Law, U. of Tennessee College of Law

The Emperors of Chocolate: Inside the Secret World of Hershey and Mars

The Emperors of Chocolate.Chocolate. Delectable, melt-in-your-mouth, stash-in-your-bag, sneak-between-classes chocolate. In this one-of-a-kind investigation, journalist Joël Glenn Brenner goes behind the scenes at two of America’s leading chocolate companies: Mars and Hershey. The only journalist ever to gain access to Mars, Brenner is uniquely suited to reveal chocolate’s mysteries — both bitter and sweet.

“…a fast, exciting, and even moving story about an industry that’s anything but sweet.”
Providence Journal

“Espionage, deception, and obsessive secrecy — it sounds more like covert warfare… A remarkable new look at an enterprise that’s much nuttier than you might have thought.”

“A richly satisfying read.”
–Washington Post Book World

Triumphs of Experience: The Men of the Harvard Grant Study

Triumphs of Experience.In 1938, scientists at Harvard University started the longest-running longitudinal study of human development in history. Called the Grant Study of Adult Development, it followed the life courses of 268 men from their undergraduate days onward. The findings have forever changed our understanding of adult human development, and in this final chapter of the Grant Study saga, George Vaillant follows the Harvard men into their 9th decade.

“This is, arguably, the most important study of the life course ever done…. It is, inarguably, the one most brimming with wisdom.”
–Martin Seligman, author of Authentic Happiness

“Vaillant has done a wonderful job summarizing the study… and communicating his enthusiasm for every aspect of the project…. His personal approach to discovery repeatedly draws readers in.”
Kirkus Reviews

“Vaillant elegantly and persuasively brings us an answer to the question that launched a thousand snake-oil salesmen: what makes for a successful and happy life?”
The Australian

Why Geology Matters: Decoding the Past, Anticipating the Future

Why Geology MattersGeology is about more than rocks: it’s the history of our planet written in stone. In this accessible volume, earth sciences professor Doug MacDougall explores what geology can tell us about our past — and what it can hint at for the future. Asteroid strikes, ocean temperatures, predicting earthquakes — geology may be the key to understanding them all. Geology may be the key to a safe and prosperous planet Earth.

“A wonderful primer on geology, and a clear explanation of how the science is done.”
Columbus Dispatch

“MacDougall does a masterful job of exploring the questions, dilemmas, and insights that have led to today’s scientific understanding of the composition of our planet…. It’s a compelling, interdisciplinary peek at Earth’s prehistory.”
–Ernest Zebrowski, author of Global Climate Change

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