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Spotlight on the Collection: Fiction


Summer is coming, which means it’s almost time to set aside your textbooks and dive into something fun. Whether that means a psychological thriller, a time-travel adventure, or a dip into family drama, Trinity’s got you covered with a great selection of exciting books.

Here’s just some of the fiction that will keep you busy all summer long:


The cover of Hannibal.For seven years, a notorious cannibal has been hiding out in Italy. Now his enemies — a maimed victim, an Italian policeman, and the haunted FBI agent Clarice Starling — are closing in. In this chilling sequel to Silence of the Lambs, author Thomas Harris takes readers on a twisting, shocking, and bizarre journey in search of Dr. Hannibal Lecter.

“It’ll scare your socks off.”
–Denver Post

“Relentless — endlessly terrifying.”
Los Angeles Times

Cause of Death

The cover of Cause of Death.When an AP reporter turns up dead at the bottom of an abandoned navy yard, expert investigator Kay Scarpetta is called onto the scene. But it’s more than business: when Dr. Scarpetta becomes the next target, she finds herself — and her niece, Lucy — in a race against time. Can they unravel the case, or will they be next? The latest of Patricia Cornwell’s Scarpetta novels.

“Cornwell remains a master of the genre, instilling in readers an appetite that only she can satisfy.”
–Publishers Weekly

“Fascinating, frightening…. Reaffirms that Cornwell is one of the best crime fiction authors working today.”
Miami Herald

The Interview Room

The cover of the Interview Room.A psychiatrist for the criminally insane, Dr. Paul Lucas can tell when someone is lying — or can he? Charged with a new patient, the clever — and dangerous — Craig Cavanaugh, Lucas finds his world unraveling. Written by forensic psychiatrist and Harvard professor Roderick Anscombe, The Interview Room is a psychological journey through murder and manipulation.

“A riveting, mental obstacle course of a novel.”
Publishers Weekly

“The most original thriller I have read in a long, long time… it will keep you up late into the night.”
–Michael Palmer, author of Give or Take

“Don’t wait for the movie.”

The Last Time I saw Mother

The cover of The Last Time I Saw Mother.Caridad and her mother don’t talk. So when a letter arrives, without warning, asking Caridad to come home, she doesn’t know what to expect. What she finds in the Philippines is a first glimpse into her family’s bitter past — stories of heartache, tragedy, and war — and a truth so shocking it may change her life forever. This is Arlene Chai’s first novel.

“Provides rare insight into the three cultures… that coexist in the Philippines.”
New York Times Book Review

“Beautifully written . . . Reading each chapter is like having a conversation with a close friend.”
Chicago Tribune

“A remarkable first novel filled with family secrets and the intersection of personal and world histories, told through four mesmerizing voices.”
–Amy Tan, author of The Joy Luck Club


The cover of Timeline.Three archaeologists discover a strange message from 1357: “Help me.” Before they know it, they’re whisked away by a secretive corporation and promised the adventure of a lifetime. Don’t just study the past: enter it. But what they don’t know is that history is dangerous, and what starts as a simple rescue quickly descends into a medieval fight for survival. Michael Crichton weaves science, history, and adventure into one gripping timeline.

“Crichton has written his best book since Jurassic Park.”
–Library Journal

“Compulsive reading… Brilliantly imagined.”
-Los Angeles Times

“The present and the long-ago past collide.”
Chicago Sun-Times


Enjoy these books — and many more — available year-round at the Trinity library.

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