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Here are a few of the latest education titles available at the Trinity Library:

Making a Difference in the Classroom: The Reality and Truth of Teaching in Schools Today

The cover of Making a Difference in the Classroom.Long-time teacher Charlese Brown has a frank and honest approach to education. Not surprisingly, her book is as refreshing as it is challenging: Making a Difference in the Classroom takes a long, hard look at how our system is failing — and grapples with ways we can be better in the future. A must-read for education students.

“Once you begin reading it you will not stop…. Charlese Brown speaks straight… to individuals thinking about teaching as a career choice.”

–Rosalind Pijeaux Hale, Chair, Division of Education, Xavier University of Louisiana

“At times frustrating and other times inspiring, this book provides practical advice and insight for teachers.”

–H. Richard Milner IV, Associate Professor of Education, Vanderbilt University

Making Civics Count: Citizenship Education for a New Generation

The cover of Making Civics Count.Americans today are less politically active than generations past. What is it that makes us such lousy citizens? How can schools help revive good citizenship and build stronger communities in the future? In this book, editors David Campbell, Meira Levinson, and Frederick Hess argue for a renewed look at the way we teach children about community involvement. Schools are in upheaval; this could be the perfect time for a new model of civic education.

“This collection of state-of-the-art essays advances the discussion of civics from noble aspiration to empirical evidence…. It is time for policymakers to pay attention.”

–William A. Galston, Chair in Governance Studies, The Brookings Institution

“A brilliant alternative to the ideological polarization and paralysis that dominates civic education discourse…. This is an important book for scholars, policymakers, and anyone interested in civic education.”

–Joel Westheimer, Research Chair, Sociology of Education, University of Ottawa

Tested: One American School Struggles to Make the Grade

The cover of Tested: One American School Struggles to Make The GradeIn an age when No Child Left Behind looms over educators like a rain cloud, one Maryland public school seemed to be making the grade. Intrigued by the school’s success, Linda Perlstein immersed herself in the world of the teachers, administrators, and students. The resulting book is an intimate portrait of educational reform: frustrations, successes, and the bottom line.

“Vivid, unpredictable, fair, balanced and . . . very entertaining.”

–Jay Mathews, The Washington Post

“Perlstein crafts a gripping narrative…. The faces of children, teachers and administrators emerge vividly…. [An] honest, enlightening look at the complex reality of this much-debated policy.”

Publishers Weekly

“Perlstein brings telling details, engagement, and perception to her investigation…. This book offers some piercing insight into the reality of reliance on standardized tests.”

–Vanessa Bush, Booklist

Facilitating Group Learning: Strategies for Success with Diverse Adult Learners

The cover of Facilitating Group Learning.It’s no surprise that teaching adults takes a different set of skills than teaching children. In this guide for educators, trainers, and workshop leaders, George Lakey outlines the principles and techniques essential for teaching adults in group settings. Lakey addresses key issues like diversity, authenticity, emotion, social change, and direct education. Every technique is supported by a wealth of real-life illustrations.

“Invaluable to anyone trying to effect social change through groups while striving to stay simultaneously sane and employed.”

–Stephen D. Brookfield, University of St. Thomas

“[Lakey] clarifies the most basic, complex, and nagging challenges of facilitation, while honoring the realities of individual and social power dynamics and providing real-life examples…. A rare gift!”

–Niyonu D. Spann, Founding President, Beyond Diversity 101

“Wonderfully well-written and rich with psychological and spiritual insights.”

–Parker J. Palmer, Author, The Courage to Teach

No Undocumented Child Left Behind: Plyler v. Doe and the Education of Undocumented Schoolchildren

The cover of No Undocumented Child Left BehindIn 1982, the U.S. Supreme Court upheld the right of undocumented children to enroll in Texas public schools. In this fascinating account, law professor Michael Olivas tells the story of Plyler v. Doe, its implications, and the ongoing struggle for the educational rights of undocumented immigrant children.

“Highly readable, relevant, and well documented.”

-Library Journal

“Provocative and wise, Michael Olivas… challenges all of us to carefully consider how our nation’s core values are reflected both in the way we educate immigrant children and treat noncitizens in our midst.”

–Victor C. Romero, author of Alienated: Immigrant Rights, the Constitution, and Equality in America

Stop by to peruse our full selection of education materials. Whether you’re interested in pedagogy, policy, or practicality — we’ve got the books you need!


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