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Celebrate with ProQuest


In honor of National Library Week, ProQuest is offering a selection of its resources for free through April 20.

ProQuest is celebrating National Library Week.

Be sure to take advantage of this opportunity and visit:

  • CultureGrams. An easy-to-navigate electronic world almanac. Explore in-depth information on the U.S. and Canada, branch out in the “World” section, or see what life is like for kids on different parts of the globe. Great overview information for anyone curious about culture.

  • eLibrary. Search or browse materials on a range of topics. The collection includes e-books, articles (scholarly and for fun), photos, maps, transcripts, and video. Whether you’re looking for in-depth research or light reading, eLibrary is a good — and for the moment, free — option.

  • A birds-eye view of Brookland, DC, in 1883.

    Brookland in 1883. From  Historic Map Works Library Edition.

    Historic Map Works Library Edition. A complete database of historic maps from all over the world. Browse the collection by clicking on a world map, or search by address, GPS coordinates, location name, or keyword. Maps go back as far as the 1400s and are available for print and download. Look up historical maps as close to home as your own neighborhood or as far off as Australia.

  • Public Library Complete. Username: ebrary. Password: nlw13trial. Browse thousands of books in four main categories: Schools & Studying; Career Development; Arts & Leisure; and Practical Life Skills. You can also search by keyword, then narrow your search by subject. From home repair to resume help to fiction, this database is like your public library — only online.

  • Schools and Educators Complete. Username: ebrary. Password: nlw13trial. If Public Library Complete is like your public library, Schools and Educators Complete is your school or college library in electronic form. Browse and search materials on the sciences and humanities, as well as materials for children and educators.

  • SIRS Issues Researcher. Explore both sides of today’s most controversial issues in this easy-to-navigate site. Choose an issue — like “advertising and children” — and browse a concise list of articles for and against the topic. A great starting point for research and opinion papers.

Explore these resources before April 20 and reap the benefits of ProQuest’s National Library Week celebration.

"When I graduated from High School... I couldn't go to college, so I went to the library three days a week for 10 years." Ray Bradbury.

Happy National Library Week!

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