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Big Bird Turns 6… Again


Happy first day of spring — and happy birthday to Big Bird!

Big Bird reads to two children.

Image courtesy Encyclopedia Britannica.

One of the muppet stars of PBS’s beloved Sesame Street, Big Bird is turning six — again. In spite having first appeared in 1969, Big Bird has been frozen at six years old for decades, now, and celebrates his birthday every year.

During his time on Sesame Street, Big Bird — who is over eight feet tall — has taught children about everything from grammar to lead poisoning to coping with death. He has also helped neurologists research human brain development, championed environmentally friendly behaviors, and unwittingly taken part in election-year scandal. In 44 years, there isn’t much Big Bird hasn’t touched on; his legacy is far-reaching and intergenerational.

Learn more about Big Bird from the Encyclopedia Britannica, from PBS itself, or by following Sesame Street on Twitter. You can also hear Big Bird talk about his favorite Sesame Street guests (Trinity only) or — for fun — learn how to draw this beloved muppet.

If nothing else, let’s wish him another happy sixth birthday!

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Don’t forget — the Cherry Blossom Festival starts today. Visit the Tidal Basin to see the flowers, or take part in one of the festival’s many special events.

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