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QR Codes at the Library

You may have noticed an increase in strange symbols on ads and products around town. They look like this.

They are QR codes, which stands for “Quick Response.” Using a smartphone (Droid or iPhone, for example), you can scan a QR code, which will take you to a website or an app store, among other places. Think of them as a barcode, but instead of giving you a price, they give you a website, or additional information about what’s scanned.

The library uses QR codes as well. Paper copies of magazines and journals are upstairs in 208, but most issues only go back a few years. We’ve given each magazine title, and each journal title, a QR code. Scan a code, and you’ll be taken to a website where you can search more issues, often going back decades. We hope this will make research easier, because now you’ll have access to more information in the palm of your hand.

Step-by-step instructions are located in room 208, as well as below.
  1. Join and/or login to the Trinity wireless network (wi-fi)
  2. Open the QR app on your phone, and scan the code of the desired publication
  3. View and search publications for specific issues and articles, from your phone.

Please note: in order to use QR codes, you’ll need an app. For Droid phones, QR Droid is a good one. ATT Scanner is useful for iPhone users.

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