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Voice-Mail System Instructions

Voice-mail is available to all residential students, faculty and staff.  The following are instructions on the basic functions of the voice-mail system.

When used for the first time, the voice-mail system takes users through Setting Up the Voice-Mail Box.  Once set up, users can access their voice-mail box on- and off-campus.  After accessing the voice-mail box, users can retrieve and forward voice-mail messages. Other mail-box options are available.  After the initial setup, users can change pass code and change mail box setup.

There are some common troubleshooting tips that users may find helpful.  If there is a problem with the voice-mail system, please contact Technology Services.

Accessing Voice-Mail Box

On-Campus at Assigned Extension

  • Dial 9222 to access the Voice-Mail system.
  • Enter your pass code.

On-Campus at another extension

  • Dial 8 1 (202) 884-9222 to access the voice-mail system.
  • Press the # key, and then enter your mailbox number.
  • Enter your pass code.


  • Dial (202) 884-9222 to enter the voice-mail system.
  • Press the # key, and then enter your mailbox number.
  • Enter your pass code.

Setting Up Voice-Mail Box

To set up the voice-mail box, after accessing the voice-mail box, follow the prompts

  • The voice-mail system plays a message, “Hello mailbox XXXX, please enter your pass code …”.  Note: Make sure the extension in the greeting matches last four digits of your telephone number.
  • Enter 1234 for the pass code.
  • The voice-mail system prompts you for a new pass code. This pass code must be at least 4 digits. Note: It is recommended that you not use your telephone extension for a pass code.
  • The voice-mail system prompts to record a greeting. This is the message that callers will hear if you do not answer your phone after 4 rings.
  • Finally, the voice-mail system prompts you to record your name. This will identify you when you leave a message in another person’s campus voice-mail.

Voice-mail is now active and ready to answer any calls after the fourth ring.

Retrieving Messages

  • Access your voice-mail box.
  • Enter your pass code.
  • Press 7 to play new messages.
  • You will hear the message date and time, the sender (if known), then the message itself.

Changing Pass Code

  • Access your voice-mail box.
  • Press 8 for User Options menu.
  • Press 1 for Mailbox Setup menu.
  • Press 2 for Change pass code menu.
  • Press 3 to discard your current pass code and enter a new one.
  • Enter your new pass code, you will be prompted to enter the new pass code a second time.
  • Press 9 to return to the previous menu.

Changing Mailbox Setup

After the initial mailbox setup, users can change their mailbox setup (name and greeting.

  • Access your voice-mail box.
  • Press 8 for User Options menu.
  • Press 1 for Mailbox Setup menu.
  • Press 3 for Mailbox Name Menu
  • or Press 1 for Mailbox Greeting Menu.

Options While Playing Messages

  • To delete a message, press 3.
  • To skip to the next message, press 6.
  • To go back to the previous message, press 4.
  • To return to the beginning of the current message including the header info (date and time), press 7.
  • To return to the beginning of the current message, press * (asterisk).
  • To fast forward during a message 5 seconds, press the # key.
  • To skip to the end of any system messages, press the # key while the system is talking.

Forwarding a Voice-Mail Message

  • Enter your voice-mail box
  • Press 7 to listen to your messages.
  • During or after listening to the message, press 2 and then 1.
  • When prompted, enter the number of the voice-mail box where you would like to forward the message.
  • If you would like to attach a comment to the forwarded message, press 2 and record your comment.
  • Press 9 to deliver the message.

Troubleshooting Tips

If your calls are going directly to voice-mail or is ringing at another phone:

  • Get dial tone
  • Press #2
  • Hang-up
  • Get dial tone
  • Press #3

For best service, contact Technology Services using our online Service Request Form. You can also contact us at 202-884-9811. The Technology Services office is located on the first floor of the Payden Academic Center, Suite 122.



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